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Issue #2

Inside the Mezosfera: The Fluid Zone of Unconventional Structures

Edited by

Nikolett Eross and Eszter Szakacs

With contributions by

Lorant Bodi, Vlad Morariu, Jan Sowa, Nora Sternfeld, and Ana Vujanovic

More: http://mezosfera.org/category/issue/2-inside-the-mezosfera/

The second thematic issues of mezosfera.org takes on the interpretive
exercise of delineating what the notion of mezosfera comprises. Taking the
mesosphere layer of the Earth’s atmosphere as a metaphorical point of
departure, the magazine Mezosfera—with a fictitious “pan-Eastern European
spelling”—sets out to look at, connect, and engage initiatives from various
environments that can be conceived, among others, as working in the middle
ground, in the mezosfera layer of our contemporary art and cultural world,
in-between grassroots and institutionalized practices. As a horizontal,
non-hierarchal network of initiatives that is more attentive to density
than to growth, the mezosfera is also put forth as a discursive space to
envision cultural and social practices that are capable of raising and
amplifying issues that remain outside of the scope of traditional art
institutions. The invited contributors, mostly from a Central-Eastern
European context, foreground various strategies and instances of locally-
and politically-embedded work, often in rapidly shifting environments. The
texts investigate the notions of “independence,” “unlearning,”
 “unacademia,”, “walking theory,” and resistance, also through their
manifestations in practice.

mezosfera.org is an international magazine on art and culture published and
edited by tranzit.hu in Budapest.

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