[artinfo] Studies in Material Thinking Vol. 15 available online now

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Fri Oct 14 15:19:45 CEST 2016

Studies in Material Thinking

Vol. 15 available online now


  This special issue of Studies in Material Thinking brings together 
research papers from a variety of design perspectives that examine 
visual communication's role in meditating the complex relationships 
between the immaterial realm of ideas and experiences and the 
material realm of objects and actions. It is an area that has not 
been extensively investigated to date and there is a need for 
exploratory work that will help us to better understand practices and 
develop theories in relation to the eclectic range of physical and 
digital visual communications we encounter in contemporary society.

Volume Co-Editors: 
Mark Roxburgh, School of Design, Communication and Information 
Technology, University of Newcastle  

Nancy de Freitas, Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies, 
Auckland University of Technology 

Elena Caratti, Design Department, Politecnico di Milano 

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