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Wed Oct 5 21:17:39 CEST 2016

Flash Art

Aperto 93 @ Frieze London

Reading Room @ Frieze London
Thursday, October 6th, at 6.30pm

Flash Art is pleased to announce: Helena Kontova, in conversation with Matthew Slotover and Nicholas Trembley @ the reading room, Frieze London, Thursday October 6th at 6.30pm 

"Emergency/Emergenza" Aperto 93 was the first large Biennial exhibition (comprising 146 artists and 13 curators) conceived as an art magazine, and as a full-scale exhibition within an exhibition. Organized by Flash Art publisher Helena Kontova in collaboration with Francesco Bonami, Nicolas Bourriaud, Jeffrey Deitch, Robert Nickas, and Benjamin Weil, as well as Frieze founder Matthew Slotower, Aperto was a polyphonic, international showcase dedicated to emerging artists, consisting of 13 sections which together made up an innovative whole. 

This year Frieze London takes the 90s as its focus. Helena Kontova will be returning to host a conversation with special section curator, Nicolas Trembley, as well as Frieze publisher and founder Matthew Slotover regarding one of the roaring decade's pivotal shows.


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