[artinfo] Urban dystopia is unavoidable, says the Pentagon

Felix Stalder felix at openflows.com
Sun Nov 20 18:28:16 CET 2016

According to a startling Pentagon video obtained by The Intercept,
the future of global cities will be an amalgam of the settings
of "Escape from New York" and "Robocop" - with dashes
of the "Warriors" and "Divergent" thrown in. It will be
a world of Robert Kaplan-esque urban hellscapes - brutal and
anarchic supercities filled with gangs of youth-gone-wild, a restive
underclass, criminal syndicates, and bands of malicious hackers.

At least that's the scenario outlined in "Megacities: Urban
Future, the Emerging Complexity," a five-minute video that has been
used at the Pentagon's Joint Special Operations University. All
that stands between the coming chaos and the good people of Lagos and
Dhaka (or maybe even New York City) is the U.S. Army, according to the
video, which The Intercept obtained via the Freedom of Information


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