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I’m reaching out to let you know about a new film that we’re executive producing. We hope you will check out this preview and consider supporting it. We’re backing this project because it's super fun, super meaningful - and its being helmed by one of our most brilliant collaborators: the incomparable Canadian comedian/filmmaker/activist Sean Devlin 叶 世民!  

We met Sean 7 years ago while impersonating the Canadian government at the UN climate conference in Copenhagen. Since then he has become our go-to Thought Stylist for a bunch of fun mischief. Sean has steered many of our projects to fruition over the past several years including the viral Shell Arctic Hoax, our Occupy Wall street interventions, our TPP infiltration and most recently a surveillance project in Denmark with Edward Snowden.

But he also does a lot of exciting work on his own. For four years he ran ShitHarperDid.com, an extremely popular comedy project that went viral and helped inspire millions of young Canadians to oust former right-wing Prime Minister Stephen Harper. At one point he even took a page out of our book, disguising himself as a waiter to sneak past Harper’s security and deliver a message on climate change.

Climate change is something Sean is very passionate about because he has a personal connection to it. His mother immigrated to Canada from the Philippines and his own cousin lost her home in an unprecedented storm a few years ago. 

So, now, what we’re asking you to support: Sean has spent several years writing and directing a new feature film about the impacts of climate change in the Philippines. It stars a real family whose lives were devastated by the strongest storm in recorded history and two of Canada’s brightest young comedians playing well intentioned but oblivious foreign volunteers. Naomi Klein recently took to twitter describing it as “a beautiful and totally original climate film” and we agree. We’ve never seen anything quite like this - and while the film is still in post-production - we’re confident it’s going to be really special.

You can watch a preview about the film and help finish it by clicking here. Please support this amazing project and its incredible director!

Mike and the Yes Lab Team
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