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Wed May 18 15:40:56 CEST 2016

tranzit. hu’s new international online magazine on art and culture was
launched with its first thematic issue titled A Weird Geography.

What is Mezosfera? Read more about our mission here:

Mezosfera comprises two columns. “Issue” is a thematic column that
appears four times a year and is compiled each time by a guest editor.
The first thematic issue, entitled A Weird Geography, explores the
topics of migration, solidarity, and political engagement through
artistic and activist practices. Taking the current polemic
developments in European asylum and migration politics as its point of
departure, it addresses overarching key issues, from the crisis of
citizenship and the challenges of post-identity politics to the
unequal access to rights and privileges that pervades all phases of
the migration experience from the freedom of movement to the right to

The first thematic issue, A Weird Geography, is edited by Katalin
Erdődi, with contributions by augenauf, Laura Avram, Bogdan Droma,
Ruth Eisenrieich, Núria Güell, Marina Naprushkina, Ovidiu Pop, Protest
Productions Collective, Katarzyna Winiecka/Border Crossing & You,
Andrei Yakimov & Olga Zhitlina

See the articles of A Weird Geography here:

Mezosfera’s other column, “Magazine” covers events and initiations of
contemporary culture in Eastern Europe and beyond. As a start, this
column examines projects that have recently taken place in Hungary and
that also outline some of the major issues the cultural scene is
facing here today. Read the articles here:

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