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Tue Jun 28 17:19:39 CEST 2016

If you are so smart why are you so poor?

The Hackers & Designers Summer Academy is approaching. 
25 July - 5 August 2016, taking place at De PUNT 
and Waag Society in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Š and there are still spots available!

At work.

The program will center around the controversial 
topic of immaterial labor, and the effects 
digital economies have on our current 
techno-society, - an on-going discussion at stake 
in both design/art and developer practices. H&D 
engages this year's summer academy participants 
to go into discussion and critically reflect on 
their (digital) activities that exist 
outside/alongside the traditional wage-based 
definition of labor. What does it mean for the 
future of our practices to contribute to creative 
commons and open source projects, to 
self-initiate, to organize communities, to 
promote and publish on social networks, to 
perpetually generate content, to evolve 
multiple identities as bloggers, vloggers, mojo 


With <http://dyne.org/>Dyne (<http://freecoin.ch/>Freecoin), <http://www.hackyourfuture.net/#/>Hack 
Future, <http://www.techno-flash.com/>Technoflesh (Simone 
& <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK3qP-BzLP0>Carina 
Namih, Nicolas Malevé & Michael Murtaugh 
Association for Art & 
Media), <http://www.dennisdebel.nl/test/>Dennis 
de Bel & Roel Roscam 
Abbing, <http://www.therodina.com/>The Rodina & 

Find more information 
on: <>http://hackersanddesigners.nl/#/HDSA_2016._If_you_are_so_smart_why_are_you_so_poor


About Hackers & Designers

H&D believes designers and artists should be 
empowered with the tools of the digital realm 
including coding and hardware usage and 
construction. Conversely technologists should be 
more comfortable and effective in engaging in 
creative processes through familiarity with the 
vocabulary of designers and artists. All 
disciplines should become more comfortable in 
theoretical and social discourse, and thus be 
asking questions such as not only can we but 
should we.



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