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Sun Jul 17 16:25:50 CEST 2016

  Adnan Softiç: "A BETTER HISTORY - Nr. 2"

exhibition opening 19. 7. 2016, 8:00 pm

Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb

The exhibition "A BETTER HISTORY - Nr. 2 by Adnan 
Softiç is a part of a series of works dedicated 
to the new trends of architecture, of produced 
utopia and fabrication of history (Balkans, 
Europe) and their role in creating a new national 
narrative. The focus of the exhibition are three 
large construction sites: Skopje, Andriçgrad and 
Complexity is out. Today, probably more than ever 
before. The most successful algorithm at this 
point is: State = nation = language = religion = 
history. The difference is only sexy when acting 
as a spice. And nothing is expensive when it 
comes to working on establishing a homogeneous 

One tiny state is trying to sneak into the club 
the oldest of the old continent. Will they 
succeed? Shall we buy its story?
On the other hand, a well-known director harbors 
tremendous confidence in the strength of the 
imaginary, and begins to transform the celluloid 
into stone, as a historical corrective, which can 
no longer be moved from the earth. As in 
Hollywood, one melts into another: Myth and 
Reality, state-building program and artistic 
freedom. It is bigger then life.

At the same time, a group of enthusiasts reveals 
in nature camouflaged lost civilization, whose 
age forces us to write a new "timeline" of human 
Adnan Softic - * 1975 in Sarajevo, lives in Hamburg and Rome.
He studied film and aesthetic theory at the 
Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. The focus of his 
work lies in the multimedia and he works as an 
artist, filmmaker, director and author. He has 
taught and worked as a professor of film and 
Time-Based Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in 

Exhibitions and plays: Kammerspiele München, 
Schauspielhaus Hamburg, KW Berlin, Int. 
Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Kunsthalle Exnergasse 
Wien, Sies + Höke Galerie Düsseldorf, 
KunstFilmBiennale Köln, Paul Klee Zentrum BernŠ

Softiç is currently the winner of a German Villa Massimo Prize in Rome.


Institut za suvremenu umjetnost Zagreb
Trg kralja Tomislava 20
Zagreb 10000

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