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Joanna Zylinska jo.zylinska at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 11:48:32 CET 2016

Come and join us for a half-day symposium exploring the relationship 
between photography and other media, and celebrating the launch of 
the open access book, Photomediations: A Reader (London: Open 
Humanities Press, 2016), edited by Kamila Kuc and Joanna Zylinska 
(free to download): 

The concept of photomediations brings together the hybrid ontology of 
'light-based media' and the fluid dynamism of 'mediation'. The papers 
presented in the symposium will challenge the traditional 
classification of photography as suspended between art and social 
practice in order to capture the dynamism of the photographic medium 
today. They will also explore photography's kinship with other media 
- and with us, humans, as media.

An open access pdf version of Photomediations: A Reader is freely 
available here:

Professor Joanna Zylinska
Department of Media and Communications
Goldsmiths, University of London

Curator of Photomediations Machine & Photomediations: An Open Book

NEW BOOK, Minimal Ethics for the Anthropocene, available open access:

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