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>  From: "Yvonne Meyer" <ymeyer at leipzig2015.de>
>  Subject: Culture | Place.Positioning - online publication
>  Date: January 6, 2016 at 6:27:54 PM GMT+2
>  Dear Sir / Madam,
>  We are welcoming the new year with our 
>publication Culture | Place.Positioning !
>  Séverine Marguin, Yvonne Meyer, Falk 
>Elstermann, Sophie Renz, Leipzig + Kultur e. V. 
>  Culture | Place.Positioning
>  Online publication, 2015.
>  http://ksb.leipzigpluskultur.de/en/introduction/
>  In September 2015, the international 
>interdisciplinary congress »kultur | 
>standort.bestimmung [Culture | 
>Place.Positioning]« took place. Following the 
>invitation of the association Leipzig + Kultur 
>e. V., more than 40 international experts and 
>over 50 participants from the cultural scene 
>came together in Leipzig to discuss current 
>issues of cultural politics. During the 
>congress, cultural policy terms were 
>(re)defined, practical examples were collected 
>and recommendations for action were elaborated 
>  Our most important goal, in addition to the 
>international exchange, was to publish online 
>contents and results of the congress, addressed 
>to all those involved in cultural politics and 
>administration, as well as to the broad public. 
>The organizers of Leipzig + Kultur e. V. 
>entrusted the sociologist Séverine Marguin with 
>this task. Since the congress, she and her team 
>have been working hardly on the evaluation of 
>the congress.
>  Now, we are very pleased to announce the 
>results of these endeavors! At 
>www.kultur-standort-bestimmung.de the online 
>publication is accessible for free in German and 
>in English.
>  For the publication, we evaluated the podium 
>contributions, structured and processed its 
>contents and put the different topics into three 
>chapters: Guided by the »three dilemmas of 
>cultural politics«, which Prof. Dr. Oliver 
>Scheytt has worked out during the congress, the 
>ideas of significance, skills and design build 
>the main axes of this publication. In the 
>section ÐÐResults, the main results can be 
>downloaded in the form of three PDF documents 
>for practical use - one document each for the 
>topics of the panel discussions, for best 
>practice examples and for recommendations for 
>action. Additionally, the online publication 
>offers numerous materials to deepen the 
>discussion. The integrated archive includes 
>recordings of all podiums, material to the 
>forums, additional interviews, articles from 
>speakers, and photos from the congress.
>  By this publication, the project »kultur | 
>standort.bestimmung [Culture | 
>Place.Positioning]« ends, though the political 
>and cultural work of the Initiative Leipzig + 
>Kultur continues. The encouraging results of the 
>congress inspire and motivate everyone involved 
>to continue working together. The various 
>conversations and many new contacts show that 
>the congress was an important impulse for 
>reflection, rethinking and shaping the future of 
>independent cultural work - in Leipzig and in 
>many other cities in Europe.
>  We kindly invite you to browse the publication 
>and to use it for your own work. Please feel 
>free to forward the information to those who may 
>be interested.
>  We hope for inspiring moments and a lively 
>exchange and wish you a wonderful start into the 
>year 2016.
>  On behalf of the whole team,
>  Yvonne Meyer
>  Yvonne Meyer | Projektleitung
>  Kulturkongress und Kulturfestival
>  Leipzig 21.-27. September 2015
>  Ein Projekt der Initiative Leipzig + Kultur e. V.
>  Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 48, 04275 Leipzig
>  Mobil +49 15123353787
>  Mail ymeyer at leipzig2015.de

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