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Wed Feb 17 11:07:00 CET 2016

Call for applications and contributions: Critical Studies, Curatorial 
Practice, Spatial Practice, Studio Practice, MaHKUscript

Application deadline: April 30, 2016

MaHKU Fine Art
Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50
3582 VA Utrecht
The Netherlands

MaHKU (Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design) offers 
a one-year Master of Arts (MA) program. The program consists of 
seminars, workshops, studios, and tutorials where artists, 
architects, curators, designers, and various theorists share their 
knowledge, creativity, and professional insights with MaHKU students.

The MaHKU MA Fine Art program departs from the student's individual 
research trajectory: a project proposal that is part of the 
application procedure for the master program. Through various 
components of the program, such as critical studies, studio practice, 
spatial practice, and curatorial studies, students are incited 
further to realize and contextualize their own research projects. The 
master year is concluded by a curated exhibition and a research 

Since its start in 2004, the MaHKU MA Fine Art program has always 
attracted a body of students from various parts of the world. In 
fact, students from 48 different countries have studied in the 
program. The diversity in both geographic background and artistic 
interest has contributed profoundly to MaHKU's dynamic research 

MaHKU's vigorous research environment is enhanced even more by an 
experimental curriculum focused on artistic thought processes, 
critical spatial practices, and context-responsiveness. Moreover, the 
MaHKU MA Fine Art program has a history of implying various 
collaborations with well-known international platforms in its 
curriculum. Recent examples are dOCUMENTA 13, 2012, where MaHKU was 
one of the ten invited art schools for the Innovative Art Academies 
Network; the 1st Tbilisi Triennial for Art, Education and Research, 
2012; Joyful Wisdom, Parallel event 13th Istanbul Biennale, 
2013; Aesthetic Jam, Taipei Biennial 2014; and the 1st Research 
Pavilion, Experimentality, Venice Biennale 2015. 

In the context of its experimental research environment, MaHKU MA 
Fine Art has been at the forefront of the debate on artistic research 
worldwide taking place over the recent decade. In 2006, MaHKU was one 
of the initiators of the European Artistic Research Netwerk (EARN), a 
joint venture of ten European Graduate Schools. In that same year, 
MaHKU set up the yearly Dutch Artistic Research Event (DARE) with 
speakers such as Claire Doherty, Nicolas Bourriaud, Hubertus von 
Amelunxen, Maria Lind, Nikolaus Hirsch, and Ane Hjort Guttu.

The most recent edition of DARE, Drawing Conclusions, dealt with the 
relationship between drawing and artistic 
thinking. An <http://www.mahku.nl/news/1468.html>online video report 
of this event is available on our website. The edition was organized 
by Klaas Hoek in collaboration with BAK, institute for the 
contemporary, Utrecht.

MaHKUscript: call for contributions
MaHKUscript. Journal of Fine Art Research is a novel peer-reviewed 
series of publications. For the up-coming issue, Critical Spatial 
Practices, authors are invited to submit a 300-word abstract focusing 
on the current spatial practice debate. Check 
our <http://www.mahku.nl/activities/publications_index.html>website 
for more in depth information.

In conclusion, MaHKU MA Fine Art considers itself a test site, where 
the program continuously produces debates and publications dealing 
with facilitating, situating, and composing topical, relevant forms 
of graduate art education.   

Current MaHKU lecturers include a.o. Lara Almarcegui, Tiong Ang, 
Annette W. Balkema, Ursula Biemann, Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de 
Haan, Jeremiah Day, Maria Hlavajova, Klaas Hoek, Jan Kaila, Irene 
Kopelman, Annette Krauss, Dongyoung Lee, Geert Lovink, Markus 
Miessen, Falke Pisano, Liza May Post, Domeniek Ruijters, Janwilem 
Schrofer, Henk Slager (Dean), Mick Wilson, and Edwin Zwakman. 
External Examiner: Marquard Smith.

Information and application: 
Students with a BA in Fine Art, Spatial Design, and other relevant 
studies are welcome to apply. Ultimate deadline for 2016 is April 30.

MaHKU Master of Arts degrees are internationally acknowledged and 
accredited by the Open University Validation Services in London (OU).

For more information and application 
see <http://www.mahku.nl/>www.mahku.nl or 
contact: <mailto:info at mahku.nl>info at mahku.nl

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