[artinfo] Call for Pioneers in Art and Technology to document their Memories

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Wed Feb 17 09:15:01 CET 2016

With Leonardo's 50th Anniversary now upon us, the 
Leonardo Pioneers and Pathbreakers project ( 
http://www.olats.org/pionniers/pionniers.php ) 
is offering to document the memories of pioneers 
in art and new technologies for their work prior 
to 1984.

Papers  and podcasts dealing with the history of 
developments in the arts, sciences and technology 
are solicited.

This project aims to establish reliable, 
selected, online documentation about 
twentieth-century artists, scholars, curators, 
and institution builders whose works and ideas 
were seminal in the development of technological 
Since its founding in 1966, and the publication 
of the first issue in January 1968, Leonardo has 
accompanied and championed the work of the 
pioneers who were just beginning to use computers 
and other emerging technologies for artistic 

We are interested in topics including the following:
Åú	Memoirs by pioneer artists using new 
media (holography, computer and electronic arts, 
telecommunication arts, interactive arts, new 
materials, space arts, bio art, etc.). Texts must 
be written by the artist in English and cover an 
extended body of work. Articles and memoirs 
should be no more than 2,500 words and 8 
illustrations. Preference will be given to 
artists describing early work carried out prior 
to 1980. Memoirs of engineers and developers who 
collaborated with artists or whose engineering or 
computer science work in the 1960s, 1970s and/or 
1980s proved to be important for developing new 
art forms based on new and emerging technologies.
Åú	Memoirs by pioneers from Africa, South America, Asia.
Åú	Memoirs by curators who organized 
art-and-technology exhibitions in the 1960s, 
1970s and/or 1980s
Åú	Memoirs by pioneering women.
Åú	Memoirs by pioneering collectors who were 
early supporters of technological artists.
Åú	Memoirs by pioneering individuals who 
identify outside of the normative gender binary.
Åú	Memoirs by pioneering institution 
founders of organizations, university programs or 
centers pre-1984.

Åú	We are happy to record short podcasts 
over the phone or internet with pioneers for 
publication on the Creative Disturbance podcast 
Readers of Leonardo are asked to encourage their 
colleagues to submit such memoirs, which will be 
invaluable primary documents for historians and 
scholars in the future.

Interested authors should submit manuscript 
proposals or completed manuscripts to the 
Leonardo Editorial Office. Email to: 
leonardomanuscripts at gmail.com

Memoirs and articles by pioneers recently published in Leonardo include:
A. Michael Noll: "Howard Wise Gallery Show of 
Digital Art and Patterns (1965):  50th 
Anniversary Memoir" (2015)

Jim Pallas: "Century of Light Shines for Twenty-five Years" (2015)

Trudy Myrrh Reagan: "Ylem Rode the Wave, 
1981-1986: A Bay Area member organization that 
served artists using science and technology until 
2009" (2015)

Edmond Couchot: "Digital art: From 60' to 80': 
Point of view of an observactor" (2015)

PodCasts published on the Pioneers Pathbreakers 
Channel of Creative Disturbance: 
Judy Malloy and Roger Malina: "Pioneer Judy 
Malloy Thinks Aloud about her Role in the Birth 
of Electronic Literature"  (2015, English)

Pamela Grant Ryan and Roger Malina: "Re-thinking 
the Leonardo Journal" (2015, English)

Pierre-Alain Hubert and Roger Malina: "Artiste 
Pyrotechnicien P A Hubert discute ses feux 
d'artifice et musique dans les espaces urbains" 
(2015, French)

Neil Rolnick and Roger Malina: "Neil Rolnick 
Remembers IRCAM, iEar and Early Days in 
Art/Technology" (2015, English)

Dan Sandin and Roger Malina "Pioneer Dan Sandin 
40 Year Look Back at the Analog to Digital, and 
Video Revolutions" (2015, English)

Edmond Couchot and Roger Malina "Contre le 
Post-Humanisme et Vers la Co-evolution de Forms 
de Vies Numerique et Organique" (2015, French)

Jacques Mandelbrojt and Roger Malina "Jacques 
Mandelbrojt se rappelle à voix haute" (2015, 

Sean B. Carroll and Charissa Terranova "Overlaps 
in Practices Between Humanists and Scientists" 
(2015, English)

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