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Open Call paraflows .XI EXHIBITION

paraflows .XI - IDENTITY

Who are we? What are the traits that define us? 
There are several biological - and therefore 
hereditary - physical features that represent an 
identity. Sex, hair and eye color, body height, 
fingerprints, Š characteristics which are hard to 
change by ourselves. The medial, social, and 
constructed forms of identity on the other hand 
are fairly easy to manipulate. How much identity 
or how many identities do we need, and what do we 
need them for? Where does the desire to reinvent 
ourselves, to have one or several alter egos, to 
control the way we are perceived from outside 
come from? What is the difference between a 
persona and an avatar? Is it a desire of all 
humans to be creator and creature at the same 

But not just the possible ways to create an 
identity are rapidly evolving; the methods to 
examine and verify these identities are also 
becoming more refined. Our identity is not just 
checked when we travel but every time we go 
shopping, when we enter public spaces, at the 
doctor's, at restaurants, in social media, Š how 
are we dealing with the data streams we produce? 
How do we behave, how do we protect ourselves? 
How are we being mapped?

What influence do migrant scenarios have on the 
construction of identities? What about pen names 
and fictional characters?

paraflows .XI will be looking into the components 
of identity and trying to find variables to put 
these components together in different ways.

DEADLINE: 31.03.2016

Pls send your application as pdf file via e-mail 
<mailto:office at paraflows.at>office(at)paraflows.at

or ship to:

Museumsplatz 1
A-1070 Vienna

Mandatory information for submissions:
1) name, institution (if existing), address, e-mail, phone number, website/s
2) submitted work: title, medium, author/artist, year of production
3) work description: 1 DIN A4-page maximum
4) technical explanation, room/space requirements (hardware, operating
system, additional software)
5) CD with 1-2 high resolution, printable images
6) biographies
7) documentation of earlier projects, e.g. a link to your website

Language: all submissions have to be in English 
or in German or need to have subtitles in one of 
the two languages. Works in any other language 
have to include a text list in either German or 
English. We especially encourage international 

DEADLINE: 31.03.2016

paraflows CONTACT
<mailto:office at paraflows.at>office(at)paraflows.at
Festival management: Guenther Friesinger
Exhibition management: Judith Fegerl
Museumsplatz 1
A-1070 Vienna

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