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Domenico Quaranta qrndnc at yahoo.it
Fri Feb 5 13:01:01 CET 2016


The Link Art Center is proud to present 
Dadaclub.online, an online initiative that will 
develop for over a year, and that wants to 
celebrate the dada legacy in the centenary of 
dada's birth, that took place in Zurich on 
February 5, 1916.

Dadaclub.online <http://dadaclub.online/> is a 
place for ongoing experimentation and the 
creative reuse of digital copies of original dada 
artworks, open to all those artists who want to 
celebrate with us this seminal moment in the 
history of Western culture and art. The website 
offers, in public domain, high quality digital 
copies and some 3D models of a selection of dada 
artworks kindly provided byCollezione Campiani 
that, understanding the free and snarky spirit of 
the project, allowed us full access for creative 
use to all its materials. Whoever may be 
interested in participating in the project can 
download from the website images and models, use 
them within her creative practice, and submitthe 
results to the Link Art Center. Submissions will 
be reviewed and published in the Gallery.

"Plagiarism is necessary, progress demands it."
- Isidore Ducasse, Comte de Lautréamont 1870

Along the industrial age, dada was the art 
movement that championed the creative, irreverent 
use of pre-existing materials. In the following 
decades, however, dada was inevitably historified 
and musealized, and this process jeopardized in 
part its original critical approach. Guy Debord 
once wrote, "Marcel Duchamp's drawing of a 
mustache on the Mona Lisa is no more interesting 
than the original version of the painting. We 
must now push this process to the point of 
negating the negation."

"We are Duchamp's ideal children."
- Vuk Cosic 1997

A century later, in the digital age, 
Dadaclub.online wants to receive and revitalize 
the dada legacy, take - joyfully and caustically 
- an official stance for sharing, openness and 
creative reuse, foster appropriation and remix 
practices, and explore the ways in which these 
practices are evolving in touch with modern modes 
of production and distribution.

Dadaclub.online positions itself informally in 
the framework of the Dada Jubilee, which will 
have Zurich as its epicenter and will fill up the 
year 2016 with initiatives and events. More info: 

Dadaclub.online is a project by the Link Art 
Center. The Link Art Center 
<http://www.linkartcenter.eu/> is a curatorial 
platform promoting artistic research with new 
technologies and critical reflections on the core 
issues of the information age, by organizing 
exhibitions and online projects, publishing books 
and networking with individuals and institutions 

The Link Art Center is part of Masters & Servers. 
Networked Cultures in the Post-Digital Age 
<http://www.mastersandservers.org/>, a European 
adventure focused on a new generation of digital 
interventionism, awarded with a Creative Europe 
2014 - 2020 grant. Up to August 2016, Masters & 
Servers will explore networked culture in the 
post-digital age.

Dadaclub.online would not have been possible 
without the amazing support of Collezione 
Campiani; and WeMake | Makerspace Fablab, Milan 
<http://wemake.cc/>, for the development of 3D 


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