[artinfo] Beyond the Obvious conference, 2017, Budapest

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Mon Dec 12 15:42:22 CET 2016

Europe, quo vadis?
26 - 28 January 2017
Budapest | Hungary

The thought-provoking gathering of Culture Action Europe aims to look 
beyond the obvious. A prophetic task fitting our mandate in society. 
Every year since 2014 we update our definition of the obvious. What 
was unthinkable the year or even the Day Before, becomes the New 

Beyond the Obvious (BtO) is an annual gathering for privileged and 
inspirational exchange between the European cultural community, civil 
society, researchers, thinkers, institutional and political 

BtO enables and facilitates collaboration between actors from 
different sectors of our societies seeking answers to common 
challenges by putting culture at the heart of public debate and 

Each year, BtO connects the European cultural community with the one 
of the hosting city in a mutual exchange beneficial to the 
empowerment of both communities and individuals.

Culture Action Europe (CAE) is a European network of artists, 
cultural producers and activists, and membership organisations 
dedicated to promoting culture as an essential element of sustainable 
development both locally and on a European scale. It also contributes 
intensively to the European debate on culture through the expertise 
and the practice of a wide community of cultural organisations and 
practitioners from different disciplines across Europe.

For twenty years CAE has organised annual conferences with its 
members giving voice to over 80,000 cultural organisations from all 
over Europe, and engaging thinkers and decision-makers from different 
backgrounds to discuss and challenge the role of culture in the 
future of Europe, its people and its democracy.


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