[artinfo] Pawnshop - the Greek Reality Board Game

furtherfield furtherfielder at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 14:46:53 CEST 2016

Pawnshop - the Greek Reality Board Game.

What is the relationship between state corruption and economic 
collapse in Greece? Lina Theodorou, artist and creator of the board 
game 'Pawnshop', talks with Furtherfield's Ruth Catlow about Grexit, 
Brexit, and crisis in Europe.

""Theodorou tells me that the game is based entirely in fact. For 
years she has collected newspaper stories in Greece. And here they 
are gathered in four categories of cards - Dilemma, Involvement, Debt 
and Luck- to encapsulate the experience of daily life, for everyone, 
in modern day Greece. "If you are honest you lose" she says."" Catlow.


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