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Date: Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 6:17 PM
Subject: Did you know? Next week we Jam!

On April 27-28-29, Culture Action Europe, together with our member 
Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, will engage in a 72-hour Jam Session 
online on artists and intellectuals, and their role in society and 
politics today.  Open to everybody to join.

<http://cultureactioneurope.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=eb99eb61bb621ccdc0b91fb83&id=1fbc25e0d9&e=8f866a40a2>Jamm'Art is a 
72-hour massive online conversation that encourages voices and 
thoughts to be mixed and exchanged starting from these questions:

Are artists and intellectuals obliged to engage in society and 
politics today? Why?

Are artists and intellectuals sufficiently part of the political 
discourse today? Should they be?

Do arts thrive in democracy? And vice versa: do democracies thrive 
via the arts?

Do artists and intellectuals necessarily need to consider their 
impact on society?

Should artists live off their arts? How?

SAVE THE DATES and be ready to know more: we invite everybody who 
wants to join and contribute to this collective online reflection. No 
need of specific expertise: everybody is an expert. No need to commit 
for the whole three days: pass by whenever you want to have a look 
and have your say.

If you are interested in knowing more about this experiment, read and 
download the Jammin' Kit here.

On April 27-28-29, for 72 hours (day and night), everyone is invited 
to join, read, share thoughts and mix them with others. No need to 
commit for three days: people can drop by whenever they can, to 
contribute to this collective reflection on the "state of the art".

We want to hear the voices of many people as possible, including 
those coming from your circles, networks, communities.
To help Jamm'Art to reach out, you can: 
- share the news through your channels and with your friends
- use one minute of your time to join our 

Have you thought about using Jamm'Art as an opportunity to organise a 
dinner with friends, a lunch with your colleagues, or an informal 
debate in the afternoon? You can then bring online the main elements 
of your conversation and/or continue it there with your (expanded) 
circles of friends.

Any questions?
Thinking about technicalities, outcomes, more opportunities? 
page and, to directly connect with us prior to the Jam Session, write 
<mailto:projects at cultureactioneurope.org>projects at cultureactioneurope.org.

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