[artinfo] open call for ELEONORE summer residency 2016

Shu Lea Cheang shulea at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 18 12:18:10 CEST 2016

OPEN CALL for ELEONORE summer residency 2016

RADIO ACTIVE - SINK and SWIM with Eleonore

August 1 - September 11, 2016

Linz, Austria

In the winter of 2008-2009, the 100 year old Station Messschiff 
Eleonore was bought, adapted and docked by the Donautic team at the 
Danube harbor in Linz. Since 2009, Eleonore, once a survey vessel, 
has been powered by solar energy, equipped with *radio components and 
modified to host artist in residencies.  As part of Stadtwerkstatt's 
cultural initiatives that focus on free/open culture and information 
technology, Eleonore declares itself an autonomous art ship gathering 
local and international residents for meetings, debates, research and 
lab works.

This summer, "RADIO ACTIVE - SINK and SWIM with Eleonore", 
 Eleonore's residency 2016 opens its beds and decks to receive free 
flowing, temporal residents for special trans/MISSION daze/days in 
the Danube waterways. We call for transmit-ers, wave-surfers, 
code-breakers, swimmers, boat people, (un)wired creatures to brave 
the troubled waters, take on water as medium for transmission and 
expand on Eleonore's **radio beacon project that started in 2011.

As an influential figure in underground radio art, Mini-FM, 
microradio, ***Tetsuo Kogawa of Polimorphous Space has accepted our 
invitation as Eleonore's honorable resident for this summer. We 
launch this open call with his recent statement-

"No more broad-casting; no more art-radio.

The point is transmission itself: radioart is radiation art."

Recalling the sputnik satellite's outer space broadcast of radio 
pulses in the fifties, we invite artists of the world to be part of 
an autonomous radionetwork - transmit a signal once a day at the 
frequency of 7067 Mhz, an SSTV signal with senseless content.

The spectrum is set free. Ride the waves and dive into the Danube.

****Check in with us for a drop by and short stay residency on the Eleonore.


Eleonore artist in residency is a Stadtwerkstatt's project.



Open call application -  email to Shu Lea 
Cheang<mailto:shulea at earthlink.net><shulea at earthlink.net>.

-a brief bio, -web link(s), -a brief project/task of your practice, 
-your desired dates for stay.

Tags: micro, macro, shortwaves, longwaves, VLF, VHF, currents, wavelength.



* Eleonore's current existing radio equipments
1 shortwave transceiver yaesu948
2 horizontal dipol antenna
1 Hexbeam antenna
1 embeded system for transmitting the signal at 7067Mhz 17.00 UTC

** Eleonore radio beacon project, DER BAKENSENDER, was started in 
2011 with Franz Xaver, DoNAUtik Stadtwerksatt, Nina Wernhard, Armin 


*** Tetsuo Kogawa - <http://anarchy.translocal.jp>http://anarchy.translocal.jp

A Radioart Manifesto - 

**** This year Eleonore experiments with the concept of 'collective' 
residency. We will pair/coordinate projects/people together to come 
on board Eleonore. There is a small amount of funding available to 
assist radio art practices during the residency.

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