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4th Ghetto Biennale 2015:
Kreyòl, Vodou and the Lakou-forms of resistance

Screenings and performances: 14-20 December
Exhibition: 18-21 December
Congress: 20 December

Ghetto Biennale
622 Blvd Jean-Jacques Dessalines, 


After the Haiti Revolution, the formerly enslaved 
peasants had three tools for their 
"counter-plantation" position: the Kreyòl 
language, the Lakou system (a subaltern land 
management system) and the belief system and 
ritual practices of Vodou-a triumvirate of 
linguistic, territorial and cultural resistance. 
In Haiti: The Aftershocks of History, Laurent 
Dubois notes that, "Šthanks to a remarkably 
strong and widely shared set of cultural 
forms-the Kreyòl language, the Vodou religion, 
and innovative ways of managing land ownershipŠ 
they built a society able to resist all forms of 
subjection that recalled the days of slavery."  

Through an international open call, the Ghetto 
Biennale invited artists to explore what 
potentials these radical tools-Kreyòl, Vodou and 
the Lakou-have to offer to the contemporary 
world. The Ghetto Biennale welcomed projects that 
incorporated language, space, performance and 
symbolism and considered global territorial 
struggles; forms of linguistic refusal and 
friction; and ritual and esoteric forms of 
obstruction and intransigence. 

Andre Eugene (Haiti) & Leah Gordon (UK)

information about the individual projects

Press and visitor enquiries and travel and accommodation information contact:
Leah Gordon, <mailto:leahgordon at aol.com>leahgordon at aol.com

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