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"Trust me, I'm an Artist" investigates the new ethical issues arising 
from art and science collaboration and consider the roles and 
responsibilities of the artists, scientists and institutions 
involved. The original project "Trust me, I'm an Artist: Towards an 
Ethics of Art and Science Collaboration" comprised a series of public 
events, in international settings. At each event (before a live 
audience) an internationally known artist proposed an artwork to a 
specially formed ethics committee (following the rules and procedures 
typical for the host country), the ethics committee then debated the 
proposal and cames to a decision, the artist was then informed of the 
ethics committee's decision and, alongside the audience, they entered 
into a discussion about the result. The proposals were selected as 
they raise interesting questions for science ethics committees and 
help reveal the mechanisms that drive this usually hidden process, 
enabling the wider public to understand the driving forces behind 
ethical decisions and the role of artists working in scientific 
settings more deeply.

The project "Trust Me I'm an Artist: Towards an Ethics of Art/Science 
Collaboration" was led by artist Anna Dumitriu in collaboration with 
Professor Bobbie Farsides (Chair of Ethics, Brighton and Sussex 
Medical School) in collaboration with Waag Society, Leiden University 
and BioSolar Cells. A book about the project was published in 2014. 
Follow the links above to view the events, videos and other 
documentation. A new project "Trust Me, I'm an Artist: Developing 
Ethical Frameworks for Artists, Cultural Institutions and Audiences 
Engaged in the Challenges of Creating and Experiencing New Art Forms 
in Biotechnology and Biomedicine in Europe" is supported by funding 
from Creative Europe and is a collaboration between Waag Society, 
Brighton and Sussex Medical School, The Arts Catalyst, Ciant, 
Kapelica Gallery, Medical Museion, Capsula and Leonardo Olats. Anna 
Dumitriu is lead artist and Professor Bobbie Farsides is lead 
ethicist. The new project will build on and expand the reach and 
meaning of earlier work.
For more information contact annadumitriu at hotmail.com

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