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Call for Presentations: DARE 2015

The Dark Precursor: International Conference on 
Deleuze and Artistic Research 2015

ME21 / Orpheus Institute

Deadline for submissions: June 1, 2015
Conference dates: November 9 - 11, 2015
Conference venues: Orpheus Institute & Bijloke in Gent, Belgium
Conference Chair: Paulo de Assis

  The Dark Precursor: International Conference on 
Deleuze and Artistic Research (DARE 2015) 
explores possibilities, uses and appropriations 
of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari's philosophy 
in the field of Artistic Research. Hosted by the 
Orpheus Research Centre in Music and 
MusicExperiment21, DARE 2015 will take place from 
9th to the 11th November 2015 at the Orpheus 
Institute in Ghent (Belgium).

As references to Deleuze's philosophy, alone or 
in collaboration with Guattari, have become 
frequent across the varied expressions of 
artistic research, the conference aims to 
identify, trace and map concepts and practices 
that connect artistic research projects to their 
philosophy, both from the scholar and the 
practitioner's perspectives. T

The Orpheus Institute is the European leading 
center for artistic research in music, home to 
the docARTES doctoral program, the Orpheus 
Research Centre in Music (ORCiM) and the 
MusicExperiment21 project funded by the European 
Research Council.


The philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and/or Félix 
Guattari has become increasingly relevant to the 
field of artistic research. It acts as a key 
reference for many artist-researchers, who engage 
with knowledge across academic and non-academic 
fields of practice. At the same time, the term 
artistic research remains suspended in its 
definition in order to highlight immanent modes 
of knowledge creation. The extent and depth of 
Deleuze's influence on this emerging field is 
largely unchartered, nor has his philosophy been 
evaluated from the perspective of artists who 
work at the borders of philosophy. DARE 2015 is 
the first international conference entirely 
dedicated to the relation between artistic 
research and Deleuze's philosophy, and welcomes 
both artistic presentations and scholarly papers 
that investigate this relation.

Choosing as its title the concept of 'dark 
precursor,' the conference reflects the duality 
and openness inherent to artistic research. 
Deleuze appropriated this expression from 
meteorology, where it designates a stage in a 
cloud-to-ground lightning sequence. The stepped 
leader, as the dark precursor is technically 
referred to, develops when the charge separation 
within a stormy cloud is so strong that the 
surrounding air is ionized and becomes conductive 
(plasma). Thus, a charge transfer ensues from the 
top of the cloud to its base, and from there, a 
flow of negative charges begins making its way 
towards the ground. Along the path that now 
connects the cloud and the ground, a much 
stronger flow of positive charges travels freely 
from the ground upwards, generating heat and 
producing the brilliant flash we see of the 

The notion of the dark precursor concerns the 
question of how a communication between 
heterogeneous systems, 'of couplings and 
resonance,' occurs without being predetermined. 
In relation to artistic research we ask how to 
compose these resonances, how to create new 
couplings that are not accidental but rigorous 
and at the same time indeterminate. How to create 
in the midst of a primordial difference?

In line with the theme of the 'dark precursor', 
we are particularly interested in receiving 
proposals for scholarly and artistic 
presentations that exceed simple interpretations 
and representations of either Deleuze and/or 
Guattari's philosophy or an artistic practice at 

DARE 2015 welcomes presentations ranging from 
academic to artistic in modalities, including 
performative, collaborative, interactive, visual, 
new media, installations etc. Proposals, written 
either in English or French, should be submitted 
through the conference online submission system.

To submit your outline of presentation, please 
visit: dare2015.exordo.com and follow the simple 
on-screen instructions provided (you will be 
required to setup an account first).

The closing date for submissions is Monday, 1 June 2015.

All accepted abstracts will be published 
open-access on the conference website and 
presentations at DARE 2015 will be video recorded 
for documenting and archiving purposes. A 
publication of the conference proceedings is in 

  <mailto:conference at darkprecursor.com>conference at darkprecursor.com
Paolo Giudici
Phone: +3293304081
Fax: +3293304082

Orpheus Institute
Korte Meer 12
9000 Gent

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