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From: Dr. Amy Bryzgel <a.bryzgel at abdn.ac.uk>
Date: Mar 4, 2015
Subject: STIP: PhD Scholarship Aberdeen

Application deadline: Apr 30, 2015

PhD Scholarship: Participatory and Socially 
Engaged Art in Eastern Europe since the 1960s °© 
University of Aberdeen

Elphinstone PhD Scholarship:
A number of Elphinstone PhD Scholarships are 
available across the arts, humanities and social 
sciences at the University of Aberdeen, linked to 
specific, individual research projects.  These 
Scholarships cover the entirety of tuition fees 
for a PhD student of any nationality commencing 
full-time study in October 2015, for the 
three-year duration of their studies. One 
Elphinstone Scholarship is available for a PhD on 
a topic related to 'Participatory and Socially 
Engaged Art in Eastern Europe since the 1960s' 
(description below). 

PhD Topic: Participatory and Socially Engaged Art 
in Eastern Europe since the 1960s
Supervisor: Dr. Amy Bryzgel
This project aims to examine the phenomenon of 
participatory and socially engaged art in the 
specific socio-political context of Eastern 
Europe since the 1960s. Projects  may focus on 
any area of the former communist and socialist 
countries of Central, Eastern or Southern Europe, 
including single-country case studies or 
cross-country comparisons. In a region of the 
world that had as its ideological aim, at least 
in theory, the building of communism, with 
collective self-management and socially inclusive 
policies, what was the function of socially 
engaged artistic practices, which aimed to bring 
communities together in an ameliorative capacity, 
in this environment? How did these activities 
parallel or diverge from the aims of the state? 
Did participatory art succeed in creating a 
collective environment that socialism was aiming 
to build? This project will build on foundational 
studies by Miwon Kwom and Claire Bishop and seek 
to understand the particular function of 
participatory and socially engaged art in the 
unique political environment of state-sponsored 

For more information, please contact Dr. Bryzgel (a.bryzgel at abdn.ac.uk).
Proposals should be no more than 2,000 words, and 
include a discussion of Aims and Objectives, 
Research Questions, Research Context, Methodology 
and Critical Approach.

Possible research Topics:
Participatory and Socially Engaged Art in 
Communist Central and Eastern Europe, c. 1960-1989
Participatory and Socially Engaged Art in the former Yugoslavia
Participatory and Socially Engaged Art in Eastern 
Europe since the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Other topics within the main subject area are 
also welcome; please inquire with Dr. Bryzgel.

Selection will be made on the basis of academic 
merit. Individuals with a strong research 
background in the field of Eastern European 
contemporary art and/or performance art, from 
either an art history or visual culture 
background, are encouraged to apply. Applicants 
should have the necessary language skills needed 
to undertake the proposed research, and should 
indicate potential funding sources for travel to 
conduct field research abroad if it is necessary 
to the proposed project.

How to Apply:
To apply for an Elphinstone PhD Scholarship, you should apply for a PhD
<http://www.abdn.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/apply.php> online stating:
'Elphinstone PhD Scholarship' in the Intended Source of Fundingsection
The name of the lead supervisor (Amy Bryzgel) in 
the Name of Proposed Supervisor section
The title of the specific research project in the Outline Summary section
Candidates should simultaneously register their 
desire to be considered by emailing the Graduate 
School Administrator, Ann Marie Johnston, at 
a.m.johnston at abdn.ac.uk  Deadline for submission 
of applications: Thursday 30th April 2015.

Reference / Quellennachweis:
STIP: PhD Scholarship Aberdeen. In: H-ArtHist, 
Mar 4, 2015. <http://arthist.net/archive/9617>.

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