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Wed Jun 24 17:57:00 CEST 2015

Invitation to the opening.

Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

Hommage à Malevich
Black Square Continued, group exhibition

2. 7. - 6. 9. 2015

You are cordially invited to attend the 
opening of the exhibition on Thursday, 2 July, at 
8 pm at the Mestna galerija Ljubljana.

Curated by Mateja Podlesnik

Goran Dordeviç, Bojan Gorenec, Igor Grubiç, 
I”tvan I”t Huzjan, Irwin, Du”a Jesih, Kazimir 
Maleviã, Vlado Martek, Radenko Milak, Vladimir 
Nikoliç, Dimitry Orlac, Tanja Ostojiç, Mladen 
Stilinoviç, Dragoljub Ra”a Todosijeviç

Modernism's iconic image, Black Square, Tretyakov 
Gallery, Moscow: a painting by the Polish-Russian 
artist Kazimir Malevich, first exhibited at The 
Last Futurist Exhibition 0.10 in Petrograd in 
1915, described as the most radical work of 
twentieth-century art, or the first absolute 
painting, zero painting, the empty painting, has 
always been - perhaps precisely thanks to its 
"mythical" status - an object of scrutiny by 
countless art historians, theoreticians, and 
scholars. We could also call it the number one 
abstract painting, spearheading twentieth-century 
art right next to Duchamp's readymades, crucially 
impacting not only the geometric abstraction of 
classic modernism, but also Constructivism, 
Minimalism, neo-geo, and postmodern movements. 
The two-dimensional monochrome represents a 
turning point in art, or more specifically, 
painterly representation of the world, no longer 
rendering the world in a realist, figurative 
depiction in accordance with the traditional 
concepts of art, but rather transforming our view 
and our vision of the world. A black square on a 
white background, with "nothing" in it, 
constituting, in Malevich's belief, a vision of 
pure material infinity and the non-objectivity of 
the world, becomes a window, beckoning to us to 
lean through it and transcend the level of 
illusions, to view the world without 
intermediary, just via the relation between paint 
and canvas in their primary material presence.

On the occasion of the centenary of this key 
Suprematist object of early twentieth-century 
historical avant-garde art, numerous art 
institutions across the globe are paying tribute 
to it. We have decided to stage a themed group 
exhibition presenting a selection of artists from 
the territories of our former common country of 
Yugoslavia who continue in the vein of Malevich's 
iconographic narrative, ranging from the 
protagonists of the so-called Suprematist Wave 
(young-generation painters with avant-garde 
tendencies in the late 1970s and the 1980s in 
Belgrade, Zagreb, and Ljubljana), including also 
their later works, which have not hitherto been 
seen in Slovenia, to promising young or already 
well-established artists working in European 
cultural centers, whose artistic strategies and 
aspirations highlighting either the social or 
aesthetic impact of Malevich's art have also 
contributed to his revival.

more about the exhibition and accompanying events

Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana
City Art Gallery Ljubljana


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