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Utopian Pulse - Flares in the Darkroom

Ines Doujak, Oliver Ressler (eds.)

Pluto Press, 288pp, 230mm x 170mm, full colour, 2015

ISBN: 9780745335964

Originating in a bold exhibition at the Secession 
in Vienna, this book examines moments in social 
and cultural life where there are glimpses of 
utopia, where other possibilities of being are 
imagined and even partially realised. The book 
moves through Latin American carnivals, forgotten 
histories, queer utopias, science fiction, 
workers' control of factories and much more. 
Bringing to life a variety of different artistic 
visions, this is an inspiring collection for 
anyone who recognises that something is missing 
and desires to be part of recreating a future as 
an imperfect but necessary assertion of what is 


Foreword by Ines Doujak and Oliver Ressler
Fluchthilfe & Du by Katarzyna Winiecka
Driven into Conflict by Utopia by Antke Engel
Salon Fluchthilfe / Unthinking Utopia - Borderlessness as Method by Zanny Begg
The World is Flooding by Oreet Ashery
Out of the Salon - Female counter-spaces, 
anti-colonial struggles and transversal politics 
by Sophie Schasiepen
Salon Public Happiness by Christoph Schäfer
Please Take Generously by Wealth of Negations
Self-Insufficiency by Matthew Hyland
Salon Orrizonti Occupati / Occupied Horizons by Bert Theis
Known Nowheres: Some Short Thoughts on Going Beyond by Marina Vishmidt
General Strike by Nobodycorp. Internationale Unlimited
A Preview of the Future. Workers' Control in the 
Context of a Global Systemic Crisis by Dario 
Azzellini and Oliver Ressler
Salons, the Utopian Salon and Substantial Shops by Alice Creischer
B.A.N.G. by Etcétera
Salon-e-Girdbad / Salon of the Whirlwind by Mariam Ghani
Taksim Square, June 2013 by Halil Altindere
Queering utopia in the darkroom by Fernanda Nogueira
Cuartos de Utopía / Wittgenstein and the Gypsies 
by Pedro G. Romero / Maquina P.H.
El Espacio del Inmigrante by Daniela Ortiz
Salón de Belleza by Miguel A. López
A Mask is Always Active by Ines Doujak and John Barker

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This book has been published in conjunction with 
the exhibition Utopian Pulse - Flares in the 
Darkroom at Secession, Vienna, from 10 September 
to 2 November 2014, and a follow-up exhibition at 
Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, from 19 
June to 16 August 2015.

Utopian Pulse - Flares in the Darkroom was 
realized as a PEEK project, funded by the 
Austrian Science Fund (FWF) AR 183-G21.


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