[artinfo] SIMULTAN Festival 2015 - call for video submissions / dl. 5 Aug.

Levente Kozma mr_k at simultan.org
Tue Jul 21 16:42:34 CEST 2015

SIMULTAN FESTIVAL 2015 - Call for video submissions
DEADLINE: 05 August 2015

SIMULTAN is an annual festival held in Timisoara, Romania - dedicated to
media art, experimental music & sound.
The 11th edition of the Simultan Festival will take place between 7-10
October 2015, under the theme 'TALKING TO STRANGERS'.

What would Voyager 3 contain if it would be re-launched today, after 38
In 1977, an information package was launched into space, a symbolical
selection for the human civilization, launched with the intention to be
intercepted or discovered by an alien civilization. A sort of “hello” from
the humans, a way of saying “we are here”. [....]

Video Submission Guidelines
Simultan is open for submissions of innovative video works, which are
related to the festival theme.
- number of works: max 2 / author
- duration: 10 minutes (each)

More info & online application form:

Selected artists will be asked to send the screening version of the work/s.
The list of the participating artists will be published on the website at
the beginning of September.

- no entry fee!

For additional information please contact: application [at] simultan.org


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