[artinfo] Fwd: European Prize for Urban Public Space Call for Entries

vladimir us vladimir at oberliht.org.md
Fri Dec 18 15:45:46 CET 2015

2016 European Prize for Urban Public Space Call for Entries

Works that have created, recovered or improved public space within 
the geographic limits of the Council of Europe in the years 2014 and 
2015 may present for the Prize.


The criteria that will govern selection of the prize-winning projects 
from among those that are presented for the European Prize for Urban 
Public Space will not only be related with the quality of the work 
from a strictly architectural point of view since the jury will also 
consider other aspects in its evaluation of the effects of the urban 
transformation that has taken place in the specific setting and its 
impact on collective life:
- The explicitly urban nature of the intervention. The size of the 
city or town is not a limiting factor although priority will be given 
to medium-sized or large municipalities and those with a more general 
urban significance.
- The public ownership and/or clearly public-spirited vocation of the project.
- Appropriateness of interventions to the functions required of 
public space, from those directly linked with citizens' occupation of 
a space, through to those pertaining to the collective imaginary.
- Capacity of the interventions to reduce social fractures within the 
city and eliminate physical and/or symbolic barriers in order to 
enhance quality of life for the inhabitants.
- Contribution of the projects in the domain of environmental 
improvement, in promoting public transport and innovation in the 
treatment of public installations, energy resources and urban waste.
- The degree of citizen participation and engagement in the 
conception, production and/or subsequent maintenance of the space. 
Degree of acceptance of the project by users.
- Transversal character of the planning concepts and/or objectives 
that have guided the project (sociology, demography, history, 
architecture, economy, engineering, landscaping, anthropology).


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