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University of Ideas call for applications:
Fall term 2015

UNIDEE - University of Ideas
Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto Onlus
Via G. B. Serralunga 27
13900 Biella
Italy<mailto:unidee at cittadellarte.it>

unidee at cittadellarte.it 


- University of Ideas is a multifaceted 
educational platform, investigating the 
relationship between art and public sphere 
through a new programme of weekly residential 
modules based on interdisciplinary research, 
knowledge sharing and experience exchange, 
alongside a series of artist residency projects.

This year's programme, developed by Cecilia Guida 
in collaboration with Juan Esteban Sandoval and 
under the general direction of Paolo Naldini, 
focuses on three broad concepts: temporality, 
responsibility and participation.

Kicking off in May, the first eight modules of 
the programme saw the participation of 44 
residents representing 16 nationalities 
worldwide, including established professionals 
and exceptionally gifted individuals currently 
completing their BA, MA or PhD degrees. They are 
visual and performance artists, photographers, 
curators, architects, critics, anthropologists, 
museum professionals, musicians, etc.

UNIDEE - University of Ideas has developed 
several educational 
& scholarships with Universities and Art 
Academies in Italy, France, Switzerland and the 
United Kingdom, as well as private sponsors 
(Fondazione Zegna, illycaffè S.p.A., Fondo Edo 
Tempia). Residents have also received financial 
backing from public institutions such as 
Mondriaan Fund (NL).

Fall 2015 programme:

28 September-2 October (raumlaborberlin) 
Through an exploration of Cittadellarte's 
vague aims to realize 1:1 objects, designed and 
built out of timber by small teams of 
participants. A series of small architectural 
interventions will be carried out in the city, 
creating atmospheres of communication and 
exchange or intrusions into a situation of 
settled habits.

Deadline: 28 August
for illycaffè grant & prize!

5-9 October (Beatrice Catanzaro) 
do I do what I do? aims to unfold the 
participants' understanding of their own 
practices, attempting to define a survival kit 
for a truly engaging participatory art practice. 
It explores notions of empathy, active listening 
and imaginative processes while addressing 
intersubjectivity as constructed narrative and 
humankind's imaginative capacity. 

Deadline: 5 September
for illycaffè grant & prize!

12-16 October (Ana Dzokic & Marc Neelen, STEALTH.unlimited)
imagination slips into reality explores practices 
of urban transformation-not necessarily artistic 
ones-changing our dwellings. They will be 
analysed in their social, political and practical 
aspects, in order to re-imagine the future of 
contemporary cities in a responsible and socially 
engaged way.

Deadline: 12 September
for illycaffè grant & prize!

19-23 October (Santiago Reyes Villaveces with Manuel Ángel Macia)
Approaching editorial and graphic production 
processes from a practical and theoretical angle, 
tales: Publications and visual essay addresses 
the development of experimental visual 
narratives, editorial processes and the means of 
production and circulation of publications, 
focusing on the possibilities of image production 
and reproduction offered by photocopying.

Deadline: 19 September
for illycaffè grant & prize!

26-30 October (Andrea Caretto & Raffaella Spagna with Attila Faravelli)
as Experience proposes a series of immersive and 
shared experiences and individual actions 
reflecting upon processes of growth, erosion and 
trasformation of matter at different levels, and 
upon the interactions between these processes and 
human beings, in their subjective, social and 
political dimensions.

Deadline: 26 September

9-13 November (Federica Martini with Anne-Julie Raccoursier)
in the mirror are closer than they appear: 
contemporary art histories and other 
news investigates the writing of art histories in 
contemporary artistic research practices, notions 
of responsibility and collective authorship, and 
our relationship to archives, documents, artworks 
and oral histories produced by art scenes.

Deadline: 8 October

16-20 November (Monica Narula, Raqs Media 
Collective with Rasmus Nielsen, Superflex) 
Deploying a methodology inspired by a folk tale, 
for Stone Soup: How to Let Time Cook Us All 
Precedures for Conversational Practice in 
Art<http://www.cittadellarte.it/unidee/activity.html?id=26&hl=en> devises, 
through collective action, a set of procedures 
for the making of an art work/situation while 
directly addressing the questions of temporality, 
responsibility and participation. 

Deadline: 16 October

23-27 November (Omer Krieger)
situations in public space: The research and 
action group aims at forming and training an 
action group. Reading and analysing public 
choreography, the performance of the state, modes 
of civic behaviour, performances of power, order 
and danger, through the observation of existing 
groups, it will generate a public ceremony.

Deadline: 23 October

Programme Director and Curator: Cecilia Guida
Programme Coordinator: Elisa Tosoni
Assistant to the Director: Giulia Crisci

To apply, and for application deadlines: see 
Students are entitled to a discounted fee: for 
further details 
contact <mailto:unidee.admin at cittadellarte.it>unidee at cittadellarte.it

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