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CROSS International Performance Award

DEAD LINE - 30th April 2015

CROSS AWARD, an international award open to debut works within the 
framework of the performance, with a focus on the productions 
concentrated on the close relationship between selection and musical 
composition and performance action.

The performance produced during the period of residence (28th June to 
4th July) will be presented to the public and the jury of experts at 
the Villa Giulia - Verbania on July 4, 2015 to the closing of the 
Festival Village of Artist. During this evening, the jury will 
announce the winner of the first edition of CROSS

The winning project will receive a prize to support the production of 
4,000 EUR.

On 5th July 2015, at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, there will 
be a special presentation evening only for the three finalists 

The jury CROSS consists of a group of experts (critics, artists, 
curators), chaired by Lea Vergine, acclaimed critic and curator of 
performance and body art. The panel of experts consists of Lea 
Vergine (jury president), Manuel Agnelli, Yuri Ancarani , Caterina 
Riva and Tommaso Sacchi.

e-mail: <mailto:info at crossaward.com>info at crossaward.com

Manuel Morisetti
Phone: +39 349 6431019

Cross International Performance Award
Via Canton di Sopra 2

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