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Paradox 90. Curatorial Concepts During Meciarism (1993 -1998)

Dom umenia/Kunsthalle Bratislava

<mailto:kunsthallebratislava at gmail.com>The first 
project of the newly established Bratislava 
Kunsthalle consists of eight equivalent parts, 
each of those being a fragment of one of the 
important exhibitions that were held during the 
period surveyed. Today, after the passage of 
roughly twenty years, representatives of the 
younger and youngest generation of Slovak 
curators have selected a significant action, 
citing it, on the one hand, as remembrance of a 
crucial undertaking, and on the other hand as 
homage to its actors.

While Meciarism was in power it seemed that an 
ideological character would again be imposed upon 
art (just as previously, under socialism) to the 
detriment of free, independent artistic creation. 
That this did not happen was thanks also to the 
artists and curators who valued their artistic 
expertise and professional freedom more than the 
support which they might have received from the 
state in return for toadying. Hence, 
paradoxically, in the years 1993 - 1998 there 
were some dozens of curatorial exhibitions which 
to this day form the foundation of artistic 
thinking in our democratic milieu. They also 
guarantee the continuity of the independent 
principles of unofficial art before 1989, on 
which a great part of our cultural identity is 
based. Paradox 90. is an exhibition that gives 
homage to these projects and the main individual 
figures involved. Eight curators have prepared a 
selection of conceptions and works from amongst 
the principal exhibitions of the 1990s.

kunsthallebratislava at gmail.com

Dom umenia/Kunsthalle Bratislava
Námestie SNP 12
81234 Bratislava

Opening: Friday / 19th September / 6pm
Duration of the exhibition: 20th September - 22nd 
October / 11th December - 1st February 2015
Open: WED - MON 12.00-19.00 / FRI 12.00-21.00 / TUE - closed

General Partner / Tatra banka
Founder of Slovak Center of Visual Arts / Národné osvetové centrum
With financial support / Ministerstvo kultúry Slovenskej republiky
Partner / Bratislava

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