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Bio Art: Life in the Anthropocene

Editor: Stephanie Britton
Consultant editor: Melentie Pandilovski

Bio-art inhabits a realm within the art/science/medicine/ technology
matrix and this international issue examines a world where human
beings are evolving in response to the rapid progress of biotechnology
in medicine, genetics, and science. The work of a biotech artist might
include extensions to the body; the relationship of living to
non-living; bio-couture (living 'textiles') the future of cyborgian
systems; man-machine interactions and a great deal more. Viruses and
bacteria are one of the new frontiers in the understanding of life on
earth, and have started to appear as the raw materials of art in
various contexts. The changing definitions of the moment of
irreversible death and the definition of life itself have major
implications for philosophers, ethicists and artists alike.

Artists profiled in this issue include Helen Pynor, Anna Dumitriu, Pinar
Yoldas, Donna Franklin, SymbioticA Tissue Culture & Art, Paul Thomas,
Tagny Duff, Sissel Tolaas, Stelarc, Eduardo Kac and many more.
Artlink is one of the few international art magazines to address the topic of
bio art, providing information on the extraordinary ferment of
activity in the work of artists working in the field of scientific and
medical research as residents and provocateurs.

This issue has been produced with the assistance of international 
expert on Bio-technology and art, Dr Melentie Pandilovski, Director 
of Video Pool Media Arts Centre, Winnipeg.

Dr. Melentie Pandilovski
Video Pool
Suite 221
100 Arthur Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3B 1H3
204-949-9134 ex 41
vpdirector at videopool.org

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