[artinfo] The Mandala Making Workshop!

Paula Brett paula at paulambrett.com
Wed Sep 10 15:34:23 CEST 2014

Hello, my dear.

I've finally finished writing my "sales page"!  Why did that take so long?  Maybe because I'm a little excited about it?  _Hmm.. maybe._

So, I'm not going to say much more here because it's all on the _[*MANDALA MAKING WORKSHOP*](http://paulambrett.com/2014/09/make-a-mandala/)_ post!

I also want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who completed my survey about collecting art and making art!  Your responses are helping me to write and design my first ONLINE art course _just for you!_ _**_ It's gonna be a goodie. Stay tuned!

Much love and happy start of autumn!



P.S.  If you didn't get a chance to do my [survey](https://thumone.typeform.com/to/JR6Ujt), you still can!  I would love to know your thoughts about buying and/or making art!  Here's the [LINK!](https://thumone.typeform.com/to/JR6Ujt) (I've extended the 40% off promo code for good stuff in my shop as a gift for doing it!)

P.P.S.  Have a fan-freakin'-tastic day, you super-cool person, you.

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