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1 December 2014

Holed silk

The people make a hole in the flag - the historians call this action 
a revolution.

Through this hole we look at the revolution, we look to our past, we 
look at the history.

The young people made the revolution, they made a hole in the 
dictatorship so to say.

The hole remained. It's still there. The holed flag is now exhibited 
in the museum.

Through the hole we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. But where 
is now the light from the end of the tunnel? Are we coming out of the 

We carried the hole in the streets every time was needed. Yes the youth!

The youth makes the revolutions. The revolutions are always young.

We make holes in the power when the power is corrupted.

A hole means transparency.

Transparency is democratic. We need transparency.

Ca El

- - -

To support Monotremu's project we decided to start exhibiting the 
"Stolen Flag" each year, for the 1st of December. Each year the hole 
in the flag will grow little by little and will extend on the flag's 
surface, occupying more and more space, until the flag will disappear.

Vladimir Us

Stolen Flag 

Stolen Flag 

Stolen Flag 

Vladimir US

CHIOSC   |   curator


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