[artinfo] Against Netarchical Capital and its State Form

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sun Nov 30 23:20:08 CET 2014

Choosing Between 3 Strategies Against Netarchical Capital and its State Form

Michel Bauwens' article on p2pfoundation.

"The role of art and artists may be to explore some of these 
alternatives, or actively co-construct peer produced alternatives. We 
are thinking here of art collectives like Furtherfield.org in the UK, 
with Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett, with their projects like the 
creation of a Furtherfield Commons (a common space for artistic and 
cultural peer production), the World of Open Source Art (curation of 
open art), their Do It With Other series, exploring co-produced 
networked art and which has become a global movement. In Italy, we 
have the Art is Open Source movement by Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana 
Persico Penelope Di Pixel), which recently supported the Near Future 
Education Lab, a serious attempt to let design students redesign 
their own education, after the future of the institution was 
challenged by budget cuts. These art collectives, through their own 
peer production practices, prefigure what can be done with 
technology, if its social contradictions are embraced, with a vision 
of using it for human emancipation. The technology itself can't do 
it, but technology that is used as one of the political and social 
tools, can make a huge difference. Rather than the simplistic debates 
pro and con 'technology', the real question is 'which technology' and 
how to enhance and spread the existence of tools which can really 
assist with the distribution social and political power, never on its 
own, but always in conjunction with struggling social and artistic 
social movements, and their ongoing co-production of social 


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