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Locus Sonus - Mobile Audio Fest
Call for Projects /// Appel à projets

Performances, installations, workshops, 
urban interventions and other mobile art forms.

Deadline: December 7th 2014

Locus Sonus - Mobile Audio Fest
Mobile Audio Fest / e-topie
October  2015
Aix en Provence / Marseille - France

Mobile Audio Fest is a presentation of audio 
artworks in which mobility is central. The fest 
will be organized as a series of 'rendezvous', 
each specifically adapted to a piece. These RVs 
might be online, in the street, on the radio, in 
a concert hall; they might involve downloading an 
app, walking with headphones, sleeping out in a 
tent or driving in a car.

The Mobile Audio Fest is presented in continuum 
with Locus Sonus' research program Audio 
Mobility. The 2013-14 program resulted in 
essentially theoretical and documentary material, 
presented during the Locus Sonus Symposium #8 
held in April 2014. 
We are now processing this material which will be 
published as a special issue of Wi: journal of 
mobile media in January 2015. The overall 
artistic quality of the works produced and or 
presented has convinced us to bring them to a 
larger audience and it is their diversity of 
forms that has lead us to imagine the principle 
of multiple 'rendezvous' each tailored to a 
specific project. It seems appropriate to 
privilege the needs of the artwork, when dealing 
with innovative forms, rather than trying to 
force them to fit into a pre-existing context. 
For the 2015 MAF, given the evolution of mobile 
audio media, we wish to extend last year 
selection to include other artists and new 

In order to expand MAF's network and to share 
knowledge and resources, we invite interested 
artists to send us proposals for performances, 
installations, workshops, urban interventions and 
other mobile art forms.
Locus Sonus will facilitate the development of 
certain projects by organizing workshops and 
residencies and by making resources such as our 
streaming server and mobile software available to 
invited artists. Our association with e-topie 
biennale enables us to extend the panel of 
possibilities for presenting works through 
partner structures, opening the project to a 
variety of audiences and multiplying modes of 

The Mobile Audio Fest will be presented in the 
context of e-topie, a new, international biennial 
of digital arts, taking place in Aix en Provence 
and Marseille in Autumn 2015. e-topie is 
organized by a consortium of cultural operators 
(AlphabetVille, ESA School for the Arts Aix, 
Fondation Vasarely, Hexalab, Lab GAMERZ, Seconde 
Nature, ZINC, etc.) that was born out of the 
Marseille Provence European Capital of Culture 
2013 program and whose goal is to promote new 
practices in the fields of arts, science, music 
and new technologies in the digital era. 

Online application
<http://locusonus.org/> http://locusonus.org/
All completed submissions must be sent no later 
than midnight on December 7th, 2014.

Locus Sonus
Locus Sonus audio in art, is a research group 
whose main aim is to explore the, ever evolving, 
relationship between sound, place and usage. In 
an Art/Science tradition our research involves 
experimentation with emerging audio technologies 
particularly those relating to sound 
transmission, mobilization or  spatialisation.
Maintained by the art schools of Aix en Provence 
and Bourges in France, Locus Sonus is concerned 
with practice driven research and 
transdisciplinary approaches to the arts of 

Online application  : <http://locusonus.org/> http://locusonus.org/

All completed submissions must be sent  no later 
than midnight on December 7th, 2014

<mailto:admin at locusonus.org>admin at locusonus.org

Locus Sonus research directors / Directeurs de recherche Locus Sonus :
Jérôme Joy et Peter Sinclair
Curators : Peter Sinclair, Elena Biserna
Coordination : Anne Roquigny

École Supérieure d'Art d'Aix en Provence
École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Bourges
Seconde Nature
Fondation Vasarely
Accord-cadre CNRS/Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

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