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Wed May 7 11:37:07 CEST 2014

Curating Cities Database: call for submissions


Cities Database is looking to expand its global 
coverage of eco-public art projects and invites 
submissions from researchers, curators and 
creative practitioners who are engaged with this 
dynamic area of artistic practice.

The database has been developed as a resource for 
all those interested in public art, including 
specialists and the broader community. Generally, 
we interpret public art as a creative art form 
produced for non-gallery contexts (exceptionally, 
it may include gallery exhibitions with an 
explicit external engagement focus). We define 
"eco-sustainability" to signify an evident 
interest in ecological, sustainable and/or 
environmental concerns. It is not our intent to 
police the definition of eco-sustainable public 
art: we are keen to include work that challenges 
definitions and expectations. As a general 
indication, we are interested in substantial work 
that actively engages with its environmental 
context (rather than in work that merely 
represents or symbolises an environmental 

We invite interested authors to email 
<mailto:l.fisher at unsw.edu.au>l.fisher at unsw.edu.au 
with details of the project they would like to 
submit to the database. The database entries 
should be concise but go beyond the short 
profiles readily available on other sites. To 
that end, authors will be provided with a 
template and guidelines designed to elicit key 
information regarding the circumstances of an 
artwork's production. Recognising that public art 
is not always well served by bureaucracies, 
entries may also record useful information on 
external constraints and how these were 
negotiated. All submissions are peer-reviewed. 

Contributors are welcome to profile their own 
work, either by evaluating their own project or 
by referencing a larger study or thesis written 
by them on the same subject. We also invite 
academics that research and teach in this area to 
encourage student submissions. We are happy for 
the template to be used for course assessment 
exercises and can confer with lecturers regarding 
the process by which a batch of entries from a 
class can be peer reviewed/considered for 
inclusion in the database.

Editorial Committee
Jill Bennett, Felicity Fenner, Lindsay Kelley, 
Veronica Tello, Laura Fisher, Alison Groves
Sustainability Consultant: Jodi Newcombe

International Advisory Committee
T.J Demos (University College London), William L. 
Fox (Director of the Center for Art + Environment 
at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, Nevada), Ian 
Garrett (York University/Director of the Center 
for Sustainable Practice), Natalie Jeremijenko 
(New York University/Director of the 
Environmental Health Clinic), Sacha Kagan 
(Leuphana University Lüneburg/Founder of 
Cultura21, Network for Cultures of Sustainability 
and the International Summer School of Arts and 
Sciences for Sustainability in Social 
Transformation), Adrian Parr (University of 

has been developed by the National Institute for 
Experimental Arts (NIEA) at COFA, UNSW (Sydney, 
Australia) in association with the City of Sydney 
and Carbon Arts as part of the Australian 
Research Council linkage project Curating Cities.

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