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Andreas Broeckmann broeckmann at leuphana.de
Mon Jun 16 22:44:31 CEST 2014

From: Amy Bryzgel <a.bryzgel at abdn.ac.uk>
Date: Jun 16, 2014
Subject: CFP: Session at AAH Annual Conference (Norwich, 9-11 Apr 15)

Norwich, April 9 - 11, 2015
Deadline: Nov 10, 2014

41st Annual Conference & Bookfair Sainsbury 
Centre for Art, UEA, Norwich 9 - 11 April 2015

Call for papers for the session:
Subversive Practices and Imagined Realities in 
Central, Eastern and Southern Europe since 1945

Deadline: 10th of November 2014

Session Convenors:
Amy Bryzgel, University of Aberdeen, a.bryzgel at abdn.ac.uk
Andrea Euringer-Bátorová, Academy of Fine Arts 
and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia, 
euringer-batorova at vsvu.sk

In communist Central, Eastern and Southern 
Europe, the building of socialism had as its 
final endpoint a utopia that provided the 
ultimate motivation: sacrifice now, reward later. 
In its sheer impossibility, it was an elusive and 
illusory dream that formed the foundation for 
everyday life under totalitarian regime. Within 
this visionary world, artists such as Alexander 
Mlynarcik (Slovakia), Marko Kovacic (Slovenia) or 
Mark Verlan (Moldova), created their own parallel 
worlds, utopias, dystopias, and fantastic 
domains. In many cases, alternative and 
nonofficial artists' works served to carve out a 
unique space in the so-called "grey zone" of 
Europe, which offered an alternative not only to 
state-sponsored socialism, but also to Western 
capitalism, both of which many artists and 
dissidents viewed with equal suspicion. This 
panel will examine a range of artistic ideas, 
participative strategies, subversive practices, 
networks and projects (imaginary or real), which 
demonstrate an alternative sphere of thinking and 
modes of creative living, and which possibly 
attempt to move beyond the classical binary 
systems of West and East - all from within an 
everyday world order that seemed to be set in 
stone. We also invite papers that offer a more 
differentiated view, even extending to the 
post-socialist period, aiming to re-evaluate the 
nexus of aesthetics and politics and produce new 
interpretations and analytical approaches 
regarding counterculture and censorship, which 
explore the relational aspects of following 
binaries: official and unofficial, political and 
apolitical, permitted and prohibited - under 
totalitarian rule.

If you would like to offer a paper, please email 
BOTH session convenors directly, providing an 
abstract of a proposed paper of 30 minutes. Your 
paper abstract should be no more than 250 words, 
and include your name and institution affiliation 
(if any). You should receive an acknowledgement 
of receipt of your submission within two weeks 
from the session convenors. Unfortunately no fee 
is payable to speakers; all speakers must 
register and pay to attend the conference.

See more at: http://www.aah.org.uk/annual-conference/2015-conference

Reference / Quellennachweis:
CFP: Session at AAH Annual Conference (Norwich, 
9-11 Apr 15). In: H-ArtHist, Jun 16, 2014. 


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