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30 July 2014 - Gerg‘ Horváth becomes the Artistic 
Director of Pavilion Bucharest

After an extensive search involving a number of 
highly qualified Romanian and international 
candidates, the Board of Pavilion is delighted to 
announce the appointment of Gerg‘ Horváth as 
Pavilion's new Artistic Director, effective 
September 1, 2014.

He will also design the program of the art center 
and will work on the general program of the 

Gerg‘ Horváth will develop Pavilion´s role 
locally and internationally, and will develop a 
program that will encompass a series of strands 
rooted in long-term critical inquiries, 
cross-modeling practices that have emerged from 
recent shifts in, and diversification of, 
concepts and forms in art and contemporary 
culture. Gerg‘ Horváth's activities will take 
multiple formats and will be devised in 
collaboration with a network of Romanian and 
international organizations.

Pavilion, is considered one of the most dynamic 
and vital contemporary art organizations in 
Europe,  which generated Bucharest Biennale, 
Pavilion - journal for politics and culture, 
Pavilion - center for contemporary art and 
culture, and Reforma - a communitarian platform.

"This is a new development in the process of 
restructuring the entire organization, creating 
new opportunities and I am sure Mr. Horváth will 
bring a breath of fresh air in such an important 
period for the organization." said Ra˜zvan Ion, 
the co-founder of the organization.

Gerg‘ Horváth, the appointed Artistic Director of 
Pavilion, said regarding the program for the 2014 
- 2015 season that he will mark the 15 year 
activity of Pavilion with an exhibition, which 
"will be a moment of reflection upon 15 year of 
strenuous, but highly constructive activity. By 
delving into the archives of the organization 
which was the catalyst of the several instruments 
of critical thinking that have been developed and 
by seeing what the contemporary art scene was 15 
years ago in Romania and what it is today, we 
will be able to pinpoint crucial issues of the 
art world that have remained, or have never been 
properly dealt with. Also, this will be the 
starting point for a series of solo exhibitions 
by artists who are not interested in the recent 
histories of the 20th century (which is a very 
persistent objective of the local art world), but 
rather focus on the critical topics of the now 
and favor the construction of new societal values 
and structures, in stead of the export of the 
obsolete non-values."

Gerg‘ Horváth will succeed Ra˜zvan Ion, who was 
the Artistic Director of Pavilion between 2008 - 

Ra˜zvan Ion and Eugen Ra˜descu will remain the 
founders and the directors of the organization.

Gerg‘ Horváth (b. 1993) is an artist, curator and 
cultural manager. He studied music and visual 
arts with a special interest in makeshift 
politics and DIY social structures. Recently he 
was the curator of BUCHAREST BIENNALE 6, was 
exhibited in the "Affluence of the working class 
from differentiation to collectivism" and curated 
"100 Hungarian Minutes". He was invited lecturer 
at University of Bucharest and University of Fine 
Arts Budapest. His work was featured in 
publications like NZZ, EyeContact NZ, re:sculpt, 
Lettre Internationale, TheChronicle, Reforma, 
Zeppelin, The Institute, Frieze etc.


Visiting address:
Str. C.A. Rosetti nr. 36 (crossing with Str. Jean Louis Calderon), Bucharest

Mail address:
PO Box 26-0390 Bucharest 014800 Romania

+ 4 021 310 5469

pavilion at pavilionmagazine.org
bb at bucharestbiennale.org





are projects devised and founded by Ra˜zvan Ion 
and Eugen Ra˜descu

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