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Is there such a thing as Europe and if so how many?

"Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and 
Humanities" started Film Award EUROPE: UNLIMITED

Submit shortfilms about Europe!

Website: <http://europe-unlimited.eu/>EUROPE: UNLIMITED

The 2013|14 Topic of the Year 
EUROPA' at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of 
Sciences and Humanities, in cooperation with 
interfilm Berlin, the Deutsche Kinemathek, the 
Film and Television University 'Konrad Wolf' 
(HFF) Potsdam and filmArche, calls on film-makers 
throughout Europe to participate by submitting 
films for the Forum EUROPE: UNLIMITED Competition.

The short films submitted should find answers to 
the question: 'Is there such a thing as Europe 
and if so how many?' All genres are permitted: 
the short films can reveal points of view on 
Europe in narrative shorts, animations, 
documentaries through to experimental film. The 
films should be no more than three years old and 
no longer than ca. 15 minutes in length.

Three prizes will be awarded:

1st Prize 2,500 eu
2nd Prize 1,000 eu
3rd Prize 500 eu

Closing date for submissions is 31 July 2014.

The selected films will be presented in 
mid-November 2014 at the two-day Forum EUROPE: 
UNLIMITED, at which topics of relevance to Europe 
will be debated between academia and the public 
sphere. The highpoint of the event is the award 
ceremony on 14 November 2014.

On the online platform www.europe-unlimited.eu 
some contributions can already be viewed and 
discussed in advance. The submissions there are 
not necessarily part of the competition and may 
not be more than three years old. More 
information and the competition rules can be 
found at <http://europe-unlimited.eu/>EUROPE: 

The Award at 
- and at 


Europe is more than an institution, an economic 
and currency union. Europe is a cultural and 
legal sphere with a definition that shifts 
depending on who defines it and when, and who is 
presenting visions of the continent's future. 
Europe is thus always the place where Europe is 
being re-designed - even in the current crises. 
The fact of Europe's heterogeneity is often 
obscured in public perceptions by a unitary 
narrative of 'Europe'. But is Europe a real, 
functioning place, or just a group of places with 
shared outer borders? What holds Europe together 
and what drives it apart - where do old 
solidarities end and new ones form? How can 
people with very different ideas of life and 
different cultural and social backgrounds 
successfully live together? And how are we 
experiencing the current crises: as European - 
anti-European - global?

The Forum EUROPE: UNLIMITED wants to encourage 
the discovery of new narratives for Europe and to 
illuminate original wishes for the future. Europe 
will be given complex expression in the Forum 
debates between scholars and film-makers 
discussing around 20 selected films.

The Competition is interested in individual 
points of view. It should not be about academic 
analyses: rather, the submissions should reveal 
authentic images of the current mood and describe 
large, small or just unusual aspects of the 
diverse forms taken by Europe. We invite 
film-makers to make their own contribution to 
fruitful dialogue at the interface between art 
and academia, one that shakes off conventional 
thinking about Europe and offers long-lasting 
inspiration for the future. Counter monotony, and 
film for diversity!

Additional Short Awards:


Mauersegler Short Film Award

The Short Film Award is looking for filmmakers 
who can reveal their personal view of the events 
surrounding the Peaceful Revolution in East 
Germany and/or the German reunification.

Films up to 20 minutes long, not older than 3 
years - Competition within the interfilm Festival 
in November

Three cash prizes totalling eu 3,000

interfilm - Deadline: 24  August - 

A competition from Perspektive hoch 3 and interfilm Berlin



The short film contest about cars!

Direct Line and interfilm Berlin invite you to 
join the Car Shorts film competition with shorts 
relating to the topics of "cars" and "mobility". 
Finalists will be nominated by a jury of experts 
and then presented to the online community for 

On the website 
filmmakers can file their entries via link (e.g. 
Vimeo, Youtube) or server upload.

From comedy, action, love story, biography and 
musical to science fiction - practically all 
genres are welcome. But remember: The film's main 
theme must be about cars and / or mobility.

The film must not be longer than 12 minutes or 
older than five years. After the jury has 
nominated the best films for competition, the 
online audience can vote for their favourites.

Three prizes will be awarded:

1st  Prize eu 3,000
2nd Prize eu 2,000
3rd  Prize eu 1,000

Online voting starts in October. Winners will be 
announced during the interfilm 30th International 
Short Filmfestival Berlin November 11 - 16 2014.

Last call for submissions is the 17th of August 2014.

Submit car shorts now: 

Viral Video Award 2014

Online competition for viral videos with a message

Films up to 8 minutes long, not older than 2 years

Three cash prizes totalling ¤ 3,000

- Deadline: 31. August - 

The competition is organised by interfilm Berlin, 
Zucker.Kommunikation and the Heinrich Böll 


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Tempelhofer Ufer 1a
10961 Berlin

Tel +49 30 25291320
<mailto:interfilm at interfilm.de>interfilm at interfilm.de

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