[artinfo] survey of new media research practices and preferences

Paul Brown paul at paul-brown.com
Sun Jan 26 23:05:18 CET 2014

Forwarded from the New Media Curating list:

>Dear list,
>I'm writing to invite your participation in a digital media art 
>preservation project currently underway at Cornell University.  This 
>project aims to develop scalable preservation strategies for 
>complex, interactive, born-digital media artworks, using the 
>collections of Cornell's Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art as a 
>test bed.
>In developing a preservation framework that will address the needs 
>of the broadest range of archive users, we seek the input of 
>artists, researchers, educators, curators, and others who work with 
>interactive digital artworks and artifacts.  Would you please take a 
>few minutes to respond to this 
>about your practices? 
> Depending on your responses, we estimate that this questionnaire 
>will take 10-25 minutes to complete.
>Information about questionnaire results will be published and made 
>available to the broader media archives community.  Read more about 
>this preservation initiative 
>or feel free to contact me at 
><mailto:mir9 at cornell.edu>mir9 at cornell.edu<<mailto:mir9 at cornell.edu>mailto:mir9 at cornell.edu> 
>for more information.
>Many thanks for your help with this investigation, and apologies for 
>any cross-postings.
>Yours on behalf of the project team,
>Madeleine Casad
>Associate Curator, The Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art
>Curator for Digital Scholarship, DSPS
>Cornell University Library

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