[artinfo] Fwd: Call for proposals for a transdisciplinary residency at Utopiana (Geneva, Switzerland).

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Mon Jan 6 13:01:06 CET 2014

Nature, adversity, etc. – A call for proposals for a transdisciplinary
residency at Utopiana (Geneva, Switzerland).

The propositions may be comprised of artistic projects in different media,
workshops, or other forms of interventions.
Utopiana is developing its activities around three axes: artist
residencies, “Plantopic” – a research and gardening project – and a public
event entitled “The Beast and Adversity,” the latter to be held in 2015.
In 2013 an urban garden, created by artists and neighbors of the residency,
integrated itself into Utopiana's universe. At present we are launching an
open call for propositions for residencies in this context. The garden is a
microcosm that allows us to question the old couple of nature and culture.
Contrary to the preconception of “the artist-genius,” which inspired
romanticism with the conviction that “the contemplation of nature can bring
us to understand the deep meaning of things,” Utopiana invites interested
persons to take part in the residency to follow “the secret life of
plants.” In addition to the workspace traditionally offered by the
residency, a garden parcel of 5m2 will also be available as a space of
experimentation in the community garden “Pote à Jean.” This call for those
who believe themselves able to contribute to the subject at hand and who
are ready to enter into a dialogue with the garden and its occupants.
This residency will be accompanied by the research group Plantopic, which
bases itself around permaculture seen as an attitude and alternative form
of social construction. In this same direction, Plantopic's research is
concerned with seeing art mediation as the creation of a milieu, an
intermediary, but also an environment, a context, and “producing knowledge
that contributes to writing our history differently....”
The residency is organized in view of an event that will take place in
2015, “The Beast and Adversity.” The notion of adversity refers to the
fundamental ambiguity of our existence, which results in our desire to
possess and master nature, when in fact nature possesses and masters us at
least as much. In this way, in the heart of our being and in our
environment there lives a force that makes us as much as it escapes us. The
question that guides us in this project is thus: If nature is neither a
reservoir of resources to exploit, nor an inert space to possess, nor an
ensemble of mechanisms to master, how then might we come to terms with it?
In this research we aim to question our relationship with nature
constructed economically, culturally, and politically, and to explore
alternative practice and thought in these subjects.
Interested candidates are asked to send by e-mail an application file
consisting of a portfolio, CV, availability for a residency between March
2014 and March 2015 (maximum three months), as well as a motivation letter
of 500 words or less. For more information, write to utopiana at utopiana.ch.
Deadline: 31 January 2014.

For more about Utopiana, please see our website www.utopiana.ch.
Utopiana is supported by the City and the Canton of Geneva, and by its
Utopiana bénéficie du soutien de la Ville et du Canton de Genève, ainsi que
de ses membres
Avenue des Eidguenots 21
1203 Genève, Suisse
utopiana at utopiana.ch

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