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Visions of Contemporary Cuts

Kasa Galeri
Bankalar Caddesi 2, Karaköy,
34420 Istanbul, Turkey


Operational and Curatorial Research, in 
collaboration with the 
of Contemporary Cuts, 
Gallery and the 
Association for Visual Culture, is pleased to 
announce a new refereed issue titled Visions of 
Contemporary Cuts for the 
of Visual Culture.

The issue is guest edited by 
Aceti, Sabanci University, Istanbul; and 
Goldsmiths College, University of London.

What are the images of today that represent the 
contemporary economic crisis and symbolize the 
financial cuts that are being enforced across the 
arts, education and public health systems? What 
are the realities of these cuts in the context of 
societies in crisis such as the United States and 
Western Europe? What is the impact of the images 
and contextualized discourses that we as 
academics, practitioners, curators, and cultural 
commentators are constructing?

Workers, pensioners and those who receive 
benefits and subsidies are presented and 
portrayed as if they are 'leeching' from a 
healthy productive private financial sector. 
Workers, people on benefits, poorer students who 
receive financial aid, and poorer pensioners all 
are compiled within a definition of burdening and 
burgeoning social costs that deserve to be cut 
from the rest of an 'efficient and productive 

The word cut is charged with connotations and 
meanings that represent the destruction of a 
whole: it is a maiming of an entirety, it is a 
slashing, an axing, a separating, dividing, 
carving, slicing, dissecting, lacerating, etc., 
of the body of our society. Nevertheless in 
contemporary discourse, cuts have come to acquire 
a 'positive' (albeit deeply ideological) 
terminological aura: that of a saving grace, the 
last resource to re-create a new and healthy 
society. But are the cuts inflicted onto the 
social body exercising a positive function, if 
the cuts are affecting only the lower strata of 
society? Or are they representing the final 
ideological enforcement of ideas of 
post-capitalism that by substituting its ideology 
with that of the state's 'social contract,' 
transforms 99% of the citizens into commodified 
laborers with no rights?

This issue of Journal of Visual Culture seeks to 
address these questions from the perspective of 
contemporary visual culture theory and practice 
in order to find the characterizing imageries of 
the Great Recession that provide an insightful 
understanding of the current social turmoil 
beyond institutional narratives. In particular we 
seek papers that address, although are not 
limited to, the following themes:

1. Cuts and their visual mythology in contemporary discourses

2. Cuts, protest and resistance

3. Narratives of cuts

4. Lives cut: suicides in the economic crisis

5. The visual politics of cutting

6. Cuts and social justice

7. Dreams cut: the failing of upward social mobility

8. Creative finance and art cuts

9. Comparative analyses between historical images 
of poverty and contemporary poverty

10. The role of media technology in distributing 
imageries and in creating narrative of cuts

11. How to curate the visuality of cuts and its social impact

12. Artistic practices in a time of crisis

May 10, 2014: submission of article of 1,500 words.
June 1, 2014: review of full papers and final acceptance
June 1, 2014: request signature of copyright 
agreement and image copyright clearance
September 1-October 1, 2014: evaluation of 
revised and finalized papers in the context of 
the full issue

October 1, 2014: evaluation of the issue.
January 1, 2015: work on the final version 
copy-edited and design ready of the issue.
May 1, 2015: submit for publication in fall/winter 2015

Please, email your submission as a Word document 
(.doc or .docx) to: info [ at ] 
museumofcontemporarycuts.org with subject 
heading: JVC Visions of Contemporary Cuts.

Editorial team

Editor: Lanfranco Aceti
Editorial Managers: Ozden Sahin and Jonathan Munro
Editorial Assistant: Caglar Cetin

Other important information
The issue will be followed by a multi-authored 
book (publisher to be announced), which will 
draw, in large part, from the authors published 
in the first instance within the Visions of 
Contemporary Cuts journal issue.

and Curatorial Research (OCR)

of Contemporary Cuts on OCR

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