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From: Vincent Liegey <<mailto:vliegey at gmail.com>vliegey at gmail.com>
Date: 2014-12-16 10:19 GMT+01:00
Subject: Invitation to a regional Degrowth 
workshop in Budapest - 24-25 January 2015

Invitation to a regional Degrowth workshop in Budapest - 24-25 January 2015
After Ljubjana in 2013, Zagreb in 
March, <http://www.projet-decroissance.net/?p=1700>Sofia 
May and <http://programme.leipzig.degrowth.org/en/degrowth2014/public/events/55>Leipzig 
in September, we invite you to our regional 
Degrowth workshop 
on <http://nemnovekedes.net/?p=127>Degrowth in 
postsocialist countries on the 24-25 Januray 
2015. To 
register: <mailto:info at nemnovekedes.net>info at nemnovekedes.net


Saturday 24 of January

10h-12h Session 1: 9-12
- Welcoming word and introduction.
- Degrowth in post-socialist countries: feedback from Leipzig
- Degrowth, Karl Polanyi and CSA in Hungary
- Public debt and degrowth

Lunch break. 12h-14h with local organic food.

Sessoin 2: 14h-17h
- How to explain degrowth without closing the door for discussions
- The green/red divide in degrowth discussions in post-socialist countries
- Open discussion

18h Public discussion in the evening: A Degrowth Project

20h Party

Sunday 25 of January (number of place limited)

10h-12h <http://www.szimpla.hu/szimpla-piac>Szimpla 
Piac (direct trade market in Budapest).

- Presentation 
of <http://nemnovekedes.net/zsambokibiokert.hu>Zsambok 
organic farm and direct trade in Hungary
- Discussion on the organisation of the following 
Degrowth conference in Budapest in 2016- Lunch.
14h-17h <http://nemnovekedes.net/cyclonomia.org/cyclonomia-in-english/>Cyclonomia: 
DiY bikeshop.
- Presentation of Cyclonomia workshop, DiY and low tech
- Horison2020 project development until May 2015
- Activities on the climate talks in Paris 2015 - 
exchanging info, maybe some planning what can be 
- Publication about Degrowth in Post-Socialist countries
- Other future activities

« <http://www.projet-decroissance.net/?cat=35>A 
Degrowth Project - Manifesto for an Unconditional 
Autonomy Allowance« , Utopia, 2013.

" [Š] the prerequisite for the transfromation of 
the economy is " a strong adhesion from all and a 
participation to this desire for change". That is 
the least Š But we have to start somewhere and 
this stimulating book contributes to it 
undoubtedly". Hervé Kempf 
in <http://www.projet-decroissance.net/?p=896>Le 

" And the success of the book may suggest that 
"transition is well underway". Emmanuel Daniel 
in <http://www.slate.fr/stroy/74453/decroissant>Slate.fr.

And also:

<http://www.projet-decroissance.net/?p=961>« A 
Degrowth Project » in Libération: Vincent Liegey 
: "We can no longer grow in a finite world"
<http://www.projet-decroissance.net/?p=896>« A 
Degrowth Project » in « Le Monde »
transition is underway! - In Reporterre.net
Institute analyses Basic Income / Unconditional 
Autonomy Allowance: « Living income for free and 
egalitarian societies »
<http://www.projet-decroissance.net/?p=1230>« A 
Degrowth Project » : Yesterday's utopia has 
become today's reality!


Vincent Liegey
+36 20 497 42 09


Une croissance infinie dans un monde fini est une absurdité !

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