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For the 21st United Nations Conference on climate change

        Deadline January 30th 2015

*The Coal Prize Art and Environment rewards each year a project by a 
contemporary artist involved in environmental issues.* Its goals are to 
promote and support the vital role which art and creation play in 
raising awareness, supporting concrete solutions and encouraging a 
culture of ecology. The winner is selected out of ten short-listed 
entries by a jury of well-known specialists in art, research and ecology.

*In 2015, from November 30 to December 10, France will host the 21th 
United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21). The COP21 is a key 
international meeting to negotiate an international agreement to fight 
climate change.* Its goal is to engage all countries through a universal 
binding climate agreement to contain global warming to 2 degrees Celsius 
by 2100.

*The special 2015 edition of the COAL Prize Art and Environment seizes 
the opportunity of COP21 to open the doors to the wider public and show 
the political players that there are alternatives ways to comprehend the 
complexity of the climate challenge; to achieve a sustainable cultural 
shift inspired by creativity and innovation.* The agenda of Cop21 is 
primarily scientific and political. The Coal Prize provides an 
alternative agenda, recognising that for a real cultural shift, we need 
to encourage a diverse range of citizens to engage with the topic. Arts 
and culture have always played a critical role in responding to 
political, environmental and social issues.

*This sixth edition of the COAL Prize Art and Environment is part of 
ArtCOP21, an exceptional cultural festival initiate by COAL and our UK 
partners Cape Farewell, that will take place in France during COP21. 
*ArtCOP21 is an unprecedented collaboration of cultural actors who are 
keen to instigate an ecological transition towards a healthier 
environment - through arts and culture. The mission of ArtCOP21 is to 
engage the wider public in creating a positive vision for a sustainable 

Launched in 2010 by the French organisation COAL, the Coalition for art 
and sustainable development, the COAL Prize is supported by the French 
Ministry of Culture and Communication, the French Ministry of Ecology 
and Sustainable Development, and the National Centre of Plastic Arts 
(CNAP). It promotes and supports each year the project of a contemporary 
artist on the environmental theme determined through an international 
call for entries. The laureate receives an award of € 5,000 and is 
invited for a residency at Domaine de Belval by the François Sommer 

Download the call for entries 


Application deadline : January 30th, 2014 at midnight.

The Coal Prize will be awarded in Autumn 2015.


Applicants will be judged on the following criteria : artistic value, 
relevance (understanding of the issues), originality ability to 
introduce new approaches, themes, and points of view), pedagogy (ability 
to get a message across, to raise awareness), social and participative 
approaches (engagement, testimony, efficiency, societal dynamics), 
eco-design, feasibility.

The COAL Prize supports art projects in progress. Its endowment is not 
intended to cover all production costs of the project and should be 
considered as an aid to development. The call for entries of the COAL 
Prize 2015 aims to promote the artists involved and demonstrate the 
creative potential of the visual arts on environmental issues. The call 
for projects 2015 also aims to identify the initiatives being developed 
for COP21 and promote them.


The application should include the following documents, assembled in a 
single PDF file. The application must not exceed 20 pages:

A summary and illustrated description of the entry, detailing its 
artistic aspects and its relevance to the environmental and issues ;

2 HQ pictures illustrating your project ;

A note on the technical aspects of the entry, notably in terms of 
construction and means of production ;

An estimated budget ;

A Curriculum Vitae and a portfolio ;


All proposals should be submitted to Coal server before January 30th, 
2015 at midnight.
Upload your application 


By entering this competition, applicants expressly authorize the Coal 
organization to publish, reproduce and display in public all or part of 
the elements of their entry, for any purpose linked with the promotion 
and communication of the Coal project, on all platforms, media, in all 
countries and for the legal duration of the copyright. Entries submitted 
but not selected will be held in the archives of the Coal organization. 
They will, however, remain the property of their authors. Participation 
in this call entails the full acceptance of the conditions laid out above.

      More details on www.projetcoal.fr
      <http://t.ymlp298.net/umeuapauwymmaaabeaoaeshw/click.php> I
      contact at projetcoal.fr <mailto:contact at projetcoal.fr>



          © Cai Guo-Qiang, /The Ninth Wave/ sailing on the Huangpu River
          by the Bund, Shanghai, 2014.
          Photo by JJY Photo, courtesy Cai Studio

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