[artinfo] Intl Forum for doctoral candidates in East European art history

Andreas Broeckmann broeckmann at leuphana.de
Tue Apr 22 11:31:26 CEST 2014

From: Katja Bernhardt <katja.bernhardt at culture.hu-berlin.de>
Date: Apr 14, 2014
Subject: CONF: Int. Doktorandenforum 
Kunstgeschichte des oestlichen Europas (Berlin, 9 
May 14)

Humboldt Graduate School, Luisenstr. 56, 10117 Berlin, 09.05.2014
Registration deadline: Apr 25, 2014

First International Forum for doctoral candidates in East European art history

East European art history enjoys a surge of 
research interest, but at the same time still 
represents a marginal area within art historical 
research. Accordingly, there are only few 
suitable platforms for young academics to discuss 
issues focusing on this subject area. With the 
forum for doctoral candidates, which from 2014 on 
will take place in Berlin annually, we intend to 
establish such a platform offering doctoral 
candidates studying Eastern European art history, 
visual history or architectural history (or a 
neighboring discipline) the opportunity to 
address conceptual, methodical and practical 
problems, to socialize, and to synergize their 

The forum is organized by the Chair of Art 
History of East Central Europe, Humboldt 
University Berlin and sponsored by the Verein zur 
Förderung des Instituts für Kunst- und 
Bildgeschichte der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 
e. V.

Venue: Humboldt Graduate School, Luisenstr. 56, 10117 Berlin

For participation please register (attendance free) by April 25, 2014 at:

Prof. Dr. Michaela Marek (michaela.marek at culture.hu-berlin.de)
Katja Bernhardt, M.A. (katja.bernhardt at culture.hu-berlin.de)


Begrüßung / Welcome

Tomasz Grusiecki (Montréal)
Vertiginous Carpets: The Unstable Confluence of 
Nationality and Textiles in early modern Europe

Daniel Véri (Budapest)
The Tiszaeszlár Blood Libel. Image and Propaganda

Giorgi Papashvili (Tbilissi)
Formal Portrait in Georgian Photography around 1900

Kaffeepause / Coffee break

Jagoda Zaleska Kaczko  (Gdansk)
Architektur und Stadtplanung in Danzig in den Jahren 1933-1945

Agata Pietrasik (Berlin)
Art in Crisis - Artistic practice from Poland in the decade of 1939-1949

Mittagspause / Lunch break

Kurzpräsentationen / Short presentations

Kaffeepause / Coffee break

Seraina Renz (Zürich)
Performance- und Konzeptkunst in Belgrad 1970-1980

Marina Gerber (Berlin)
Collective Actions since 1976. The Tension 
Between Labour and Free Time in the Dissolution 
of Soviet Art and Aesthetics

Michelle Maydanchik (Chicago)
The Origins of Moscow Actionism, 1991-1996

Empfang in der IfA-Galerie Berlin / Evening reception at IfA Gallery Berlin

Reference / Quellennachweis:
CONF: Int. Doktorandenforum Kunstgeschichte des 
östlichen Europas (Berlin, 9 May 14). In: 
H-ArtHist, Apr 14, 2014. 

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