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Anne Nigten | The Patching Zone anne at patchingzone.net
Tue Sep 24 13:12:14 CEST 2013

Call for Young professionals

The Patching Zone offers 4 places for young professionals and 1 
internship  in our upcoming project: The Wilhelminapier Experience 
Tour (research Nov. - Dec. Start project Beginning 2014 - 2 February 

Keywords: education, participatory design, art, technology, design, 
augmented reality, public space, locative media, teamworking, 
transdisciplinary collaboration 

The Wilhelminapier Experience Tour will be a game-like experience 
taking place in public space and online (on your mobile phone), on 
the border between the physical and virtual world, mixing and 
re-creating the present and the past of the Wilhelminapier in 
Rotterdam. The Wilhelminapier was the point of departure by the 
Holland-America Line for immigrants seeking their fortunes in the new 
world as well as refugees fleeing the continent during the Second 
World War. Today the area is redeveloped with cultural institutes and 
state-of-the-art buildings by world famous architects such as Rem 

The aim of the project is to develop a working prototype that 
connects the past, present and the future of the pier in close 
collaboration with the local cultural institures and our vocational 
school partner Zadkine. At Zadkine the project will be developed as a 
participatory design project in the context of Mediawharf with 
students from the Human Technology and ICT departments. We will also 
be working closely with the five cultural institutes on the 
Wilhelminapier as well as local residents and youth from Rotterdam 

The project encompasses both practical and visionairy elements such 
as; route navigation to the institutes and the above mentioned 
augmented reality game-like experience. The Patching Zone teammembers 
are encouraged to work with the rich material from the Dutch Film 
Museum's historical archives.

The Wilhelminapier experience tour is part of the  Live Transmission 
project with our international collaboration partners Blast Theory 
(UK), Translocal (FI), OCAD University (CA). Live Transmission is 
supported by the European Cultural programme.

Interested? Download the application form from our website

The Patchingzone, Postal address: Postbus 29088, 3001 GB  Rotterdam 
(NL), tel. +31 (0) 6 55370273 / +31 (0) 623930823 kvk #24414318 

Workspace Media wharf / Streetwise Billboards Jan Ligthartstraat 250, 


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