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The 3rd Ghetto Biennale 2013: Decentering the 
Market and Other Tales of Progress

26 November-16 December 2013

Exhibition opening: 13 December
Ghetto Biennale Congress: 15 December

Ghetto Biennale
622 Blvd Jean-Jacques Dessalines


Participating artists:
Getho Jean Baptiste (HT), Ronald Bazile (aka 
Cheby) (HT), Wesner Bazile (HT), Katy Beinart 
(UK), Tom Bogaert (BE), Emilie Boone (US), Anna 
Bruinsma (US), Diedrick Brackens (US), Claudel 
Casseus (HT), Irina Contreras (US), Gina 
Cunningham (US), Sarah Delaney (AU), Robert Dimin 
(US), Annette Elliot (US), Emmy Eves (US), 
Pascale Faublas (HT), Kendra Frorup (BS/US), 
Ralph George (aka Riko) (HT), Asunción Molinos 
Gordo (ES), Ryan Groendyk (US), Kwynn Johnson 
(TT), Alphonse Jean Junior (aka Papda Da) (HT), 
Jefferson Kielwagen (BR/US), Guerly Lauren (HT), 
Lee Lee (US), Michael Massaro (US), Jason Metcalf 
(US), Vincent Morisset & Arcade Fire (CA), Jean 
Robert Palenquet (HT), Romel Jean Pierre (HT), 
Racine Polycarpe (HT), Evel Romain (HT), Allison 
Rowe (CA), Jean-Claude Saintilus (HT), Kantara 
Souffrant (US), Malin Tivenius (SE), Emeka Udemba 
(NG/DE), Joseph Winter (UK), Hiroki Yamamoto (JP)

Participating artist collectives
Caribbean Intransit - Marielle Barrow (TT/US), 
Moira Williams (US), Hadiza Aliyu (TT/NG/US), 
Lori Lee (US), Kamilah Morain (TT/HT), Peter 
Maignan (US); Floating Lab Collective - Jorge 
Luis Porrata (CU/US), Elsabe Dixon (ZA/US), Edgar 
Endress (CL/US); Fallen Fruit - David Burns (US) 
and Austin Young (US); Filles de Hirohito - 
Jean-Bastien Tinant (BE) and Daniel Bajoit (BE); 
Ti Moun Rezistans - Saradia Eugene (HT), Blondine 
Herard (HT), Dachemine Love Herard (HT), Mariotte 
Orlie Herard (HT), Londel Innocent (HT), Leonce 
Love (HT), Jean Muller Milord (aka Soso) (HT), 
Louvenksy Mondesir (HT), Herold Pierre-Louis 
(HT), Mario Pierre-Louis (HT), Evens Richelieu 
(aka Ti Boss) (HT), Steevens Simeon (HT); Vision 
Forum - Per Huttner (SE/FR), Sara Giannini 
(IT/NL), Jean-Louis Huhta (SE), Sandrine 
Nicoletta (IT/UK); Wooloo - Sixten Kai Nielsen 
(DK), William Rawlings and Martin Rosengaard 
(DK); XKLUB - Roberto N Peyre (SE), Joyce Ip 
(SE), Nanna Dalunde (SE) and Jean-Louis Huhta (SE)

Andre Eugene (HT), Leah Gordon (UK), Celeur Jean 
Herard (HT), David Frohnapfel (DE)

In December 2009 Atis Rezistans, the Sculptors of 
Grand Rue, hosted their first Ghetto Biennale. 
They invited fine artists, film-makers, 
academics, photographers, musicians, architects 
and writers, to come to the Grand Rue area of 
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, to make or witness work 
that was made or happened, in their 
neighbourhood. In the words of the writer John 
Keiffer, it was hoping to be a "'third 
space'...an event or moment created through a 
collaboration between artists from radically 
different backgrounds." The 2nd Ghetto Biennale 
took place in December 2011 and seemed, in a 
contradiction to its aims, to reveal contextual, 
internal and institutional vulnerabilities to the 
inequalities that run across race, class and 
gender, provoking further questioning of the way 
these dynamics play out in an increasingly 
globalized art world. 

While the Ghetto Biennale was conceived to expose 
social, racial, class and geographical 
immobility, it seemed to have upheld these class 
inertias within its structural core. The Ghetto 
Biennale is looking for balance amongst the 
multifarious and often contradictory agendas 
underpinning the event. Are we institutional 
critique or a season ticket to the institution? 
Are we poverty tourism or an exit strategy from 
the ghetto? What was the effect of the earthquake 
and the ensuing NGO culture on cross-cultural 
relations in Haiti? The straplines for the 
previous Ghetto Biennales were 'What happens when 
first-world art rubs up against third-world art? 
Does it bleed?'Šdid the Ghetto Biennale bleed, 
and if so where?

We have decided to respond to the challenges 
posed by the previous incarnations of this event 
by giving the 3rd Ghetto Biennale a theme. We 
have been seeking artistic projects made on site, 
which investigate or respond to, 'The Market: 
From the local to the Global.' 

The 3rd Ghetto Biennale seeks to expose the 
boundaries of a globalized art market, and have 
meaningful discussion about sameness and 
diversity in an allegedly de-centered art world. 
The 3rd Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince is 
trying to create a space for artistic production 
that attempts to offer, whilst understanding all 
its limitations, artists from wide socioeconomic 
classes, a complex creative platform. The Ghetto 
Biennale hopes to contain the seeds of a 
possibility to transcend different models of 

The 3rd Ghetto Biennale 2013 will take place from 
26 November until 16 December 2013. All works 
must be made and exhibited in Haiti. Artists will 
be invited to pass one to three weeks in Haiti 
before presenting their work in the neighbourhood 
to an audience of local people, Port au Prince 
neighbourhood communities, arts collectives and 
arts organisations. 


For more information about Atis-Rezistans, visit 
Atis-Rezistans: the Sculptors of Grand Rue can be 

For enquiries, questions and travel and 
accommodation information, contact Leah Gordon at 
<mailto:leahgordon at aol.com>leahgordon at aol.com.

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