[artinfo] 10 to 20 years left

by way of Janos Sugar heathbunting at irational.org
Thu Oct 24 16:06:13 CEST 2013


In our opening show this Fall of 2013, climate 
scientist Paul Beckwith suggested warming could 
come very suddenly, even in a decade or two. A 
new paper by Morgan Schaller and James Wright of 
Rutgers finds, as Joe Romm writes, "When CO2 
Levels Doubled 55 Million Years Ago, Earth May 
Have Warmed 9°F In 13 Years". It's a shocking 
example of what could happen.

Business and political leaders have already 
announced they expect, or will tolerate a 
doubling of CO2 levels from the pre-industrial 
level of 270 parts per million to over 600 parts 
per million. We are already on our way, touching 
400 parts per million this year, and adding more 
carbon faster every year, as the fossil fuel 
party expands around the world.

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