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Mon Oct 14 17:41:11 CEST 2013

Crosstalk Video Presents:
All you do is put it together*: another selection of the Festival [6.] video program
the slogan is re-used after Szabolcs KissPál who quoted from Mickey Mouse 
Would you convert the c. 150 gigabyte "footage" into real steps of a virtual video voyage, the 3 days of the September festival might have been enough only for a warm-up. This time-deficit catalyzed our thoughts and made the staff of Crosstalk Video Art Festival together with the management of Higgs Field Contemporary Art Space agree upon having the festival material on screen for a more digestible period. Since Nam June Paik we know that video is about time, and even though the limited concentration focus of an average Y-gen person, we try to suck you in with the visual bombing of the huge HD projections. What we offer you is to pop in, take a place, drink a coffee, you can have the remote control and open up your intelligence&affection to freely coquett with the thousand think pieces of the visual production that we have gathered together globally from the last 3 years in the particular genre of video. 

videos by:
Mária Júdová I Peter Kollár I Jaro Kyša I Avishai Sivan I Fodor Enikő I Fazekas Edina I Jean Guillaume Bastien I Pablo Palazón I Komoróczky Tamás I Konstantinos Antonios Guotos I Koronczi Endre I Loong Wah I Marko Tadic I Paul Turano I Sandra Araújo I Ye Mimi I Dombovári Csongor I Lotte Geeven I Gigi Scaria I Harry van de Bospoort I Farkas Imre I Dora Tomic I Igor&Ivan Buharov I Simkó Beatrix I Pacsika Rudolf I Csáki László I Martin Kohout I Jiří Havlíček & Filip Cenek I Pavla Sceranková I Matěj Smetana I Vojtěch Fröhlich & O. Mladý & J. Šimánek & V. Turner I Vojtěch Žák & Vojtěch Rada I Vadócz Péter I Petr Kratky I Société Réaliste I Németh Ilona I Németh Hajnal I KissPál Szabolcs I
Intermédia 20 Archívum I 100x100=900 (50 video artists commentary to the 20th century) 

curated by: Német Szilvi, Adamkó Dávid

venue: Higgs Field, 1051 Budapest, Hercegprímás u. 11.
opening: 18 October 2013 (Friday), 7 pm-
on view: 19 October - 11 November 2013, daily from 9 am - 9pm
FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/335614173249014/
www.higgs.hu www. crosstalkvideoartfestival.com
info at crosstalk.hu + 36 30 377 67 90

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