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Tue Oct 8 08:49:22 CEST 2013

We sincerely invite You to attend the opening ceremony of SEGMENT IX.
Hungarian Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition on 15:30, October 10th, 2013
in Guangzhou 53 Art Museum.

Curator: István Erőss
Art directors: Li Qiongbo, Xiao Li

Exhibiting artists (Hungary):
Imre Bukta, Lajos Csontó, Árpád Daradics, István Erőss, Balázs Faa, József
Gaál, Tamás Kopasz, Vilmos Koter, Péter Pál, Ádám Szabó, Gábor Csongor
Szigeti, János Szirtes, József Szurcsik

SEGMENT - Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibitions
A series of exchange exhibitions, Segment strives to present the work of
Hungarian and Far Eastern artists. Its roots go back to the now ten-year
long activity of the artists’ colonies the Hungarian artists’ group Tulsó
P’Art (“The Other Side”) have organized. We have regularly invited Far
Eastern artists to these colonies, and thus had an opportunity to encounter
contemporary Far Eastern art life, its – from a European vista – rich and
variegated aspirations. It was on the basis of this system of connections
that the idea of organising a series of exchange exhibitions was conceived,
which we have now been able to bring about the 9th time over.

The first exchange exhibitions in the programme were put up at three venues
in Japan and Hungary each in 2004. Continuing the programme, Segment II
presented the work of 15 Hungarian artists at the Zanabazaar Museum in Ulan
Bator in 2005. Parallel to this event, we started organizing a
Hungarian-Taiwan exchange show, Segment III, the first station of which had
Taiwan artists present their work. This set of exhibitions included
material by young and mid-generation Taiwan artists, in our opinion, well
representing the thematic and technical trends dominating the contemporary
art scene of Taiwan. Its corresponding Hungarian show was housed by the
Gallery of the National Taiwan University of Arts. Then Segment IV was
organized in Daejeon, Korea, in July 2007, and in Budapest in November the
same year.

Segment exhibitions timeline:
2004 - Japan
2005 - Mongolia
2006 - Taiwan
2007 - South-Korea
2009 - India
2010-11 - Indonesia
2012 - Iran
2013 - Mexico
2013 - China

It is an important aspect of arranging the Segment shows that the exchanges
take place between countries that know little about each other’s culture
and contemporary art life. We have therefore attempted to present
selections that represent the major tendencies in contemporary Hungarian
art from both a conceptional and a technical point of view. On the other
hand, this is what justifies, given the opportunity, organizing symposia,
as in the case of the Hungarian exhibition at the Taipei University, where
lectures were delivered on contemporary Hungarian art and its context,
deepening understanding and facilitating the reception of the exhibited

Running for nine years now, the particularity of the Segment shows is that
their events are the fruit of not an institutionalized system of
connections but of the initiative and organizing activity of individual
artists. They are artists who have a genuine interest in other cultures and
are also capable of acting in order to learn about and familiarize them.
These both professional and personal relations do not cease to exists after
the shows, they make an invisible and living network. This is important
because a Segment, due to its characteristic features, is capable of
presenting aspects of the art life of a country that fall outside the
purview of major institutions, as the art of the day is much richer and
more colourful than what our institutions are able to show. Naturally, this
does not mean that this selection pretends to cover all contemporary
Hungarian art, it merely shows, as the title conveys, a slice of it, giving
an inkling of the art life of a European country probably little known.

István Erőss
Artist, Organizer

More info: http://www.erossistvan.hu/szegmens.html

53 Art Museum
Address: NO.17-21 Huiyuan Main Street, Guangyuan Express Highway, Guangzhou
广州市广园快速路汇苑大街21号 53美术馆
9:30 - 17:30 (closed on Monday)
Phone:  (+86 20) 22131500

53 Art Museum is the first non-profit private contemporary art museum in
Guangzhou. The museum is rebuilt from its used old buildings to create a
unique environment that echoes history and trend. The place is specified
designed for exhibition of paintings, sculptures, installations, video and
other types of contemporary art works. As the first private art museum in
Guangzhou, 53 Art Museum focuses on experience, cutting-edge, and crossover
of contemporary art. Under the slogan of “Stands on Guangdong, and eyes on
world”, the Art Museum devotes itself in promoting contemporary art and
acts as a platform for art exchange, building a new vane of contemporary

Szigeti G. Csongor
info at szigeticsongor.com

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