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Hi gregory,

Thank you for supporting the Yes Men in the past. You have helped build something amazing. Today we are calling on our incorrigible Yes community to help us keep building the Yes Lab. And there’s this incredible catch: If we raise $75,000 before December 31, Kindle Project will match it dollar for dollar... No joke. 

The deadline is only eight weeks away, so we’ve put together a list of eight great reasons you should give. We’ll send another each week of the campaign, and we’d be thrilled if you can donate and ask your friends to do the same.

Click here to chip in for Yes Lab: http://yeslab.org/supportus

Reason #1: The Yes Lab is Revolting

In the last twenty years, we Yes Men have taken on some of the world’s nastiest corporate criminals, using harmless lies to expose some really harmful stuff. We founded the Yes Lab in 2009 to train others in our no-holds-barred approach to fighting the bad guys. 

It's been successful—so successful that we'll be scaling up dramatically in 2014 with the Action Switchboard, which we'll launch off the back of our upcoming film. Together, these are designed to get thousands of people out of their seats and into the streets, giving them the motivation, tools, and community to act for change. Truly revolting.

So prepare yourself for some extra doses of meaningful mischief in the coming years… but only if we can get the financial support we need right now.

Some of the Yes Lab's recent successes include: 

- Dashing Shell's Arctic drilling dreams—a moratorium has since been placed on arctic drilling
- Monkey wrenching Enbridge's and Energy East's suicidal tar sands pipelines and their PR campaigns—Enbridge's   plans faltered and soon so will Energy East's
- The US Chamber of Commerce's PR meltdown and policy change—after fighting tooth and nail they finally dropped their opposition to climate change legislation
- And dozens of other projects.

Naturally, we didn't do this all on our own. At the Yes Lab, we use humor to hijack media and provide a surge of attention for a crucial cause at just the right moment. At our best, we push existing campaigns over the edge. None of that would be possible without the work of the organizers and activists we partner with.

Here’s the thing: this work takes relatively little money, but it does take some. Our organization grow and we are able to do more and more actions and trainings. We will soon need to increase our capacity, which may mean hiring an Executive Director to tackle the many intricacies of our blossoming non-profit. We rely on you to make this work possible—any amount helps.

Please forward this email to 10 friends. Tweet about this campaign with @theyesmen and we will probably retweet you. Facebook about it and tag The Yes Men or The Yes Men Are Revolting pages.

Thanks for your support!

All your friends at the Yes Lab
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